Colourful mood

Colourful mood

I had been wanted to pen down some thought that is running through my mind.

It took quite a while, so now, I decided to start it about colourful mood.



I would like to share something about the two friends that we have – mood.

It seems ridiculous, is that mood is our friend? They are not even something that we can see!

But hey, we can feel and get it behave the way we wanted it to be.

If you are the sensitive type, you will get mood swing easily – just like clicking on the remote control and it changed suddenly.



Yes, we have people behave that way and it is horrifying! How on earth do I know that I trigger he or her wrongly? As if we accidentally step on their tail! And that is invisible one.

The good mood had just turned the atmosphere to be very tense and DEAD silent. You can even feel your heart beating drumming in your ear.


Hold on their pride

It is tough to remain calm after a quarrel session with someone else. Friends, family or even loved ones. That is going to be bad, really lousy.

No one wanted to step back and hold on their pride very high.

The start of the quarrel can be a spark from a small problem to a big issue and that relate one after another. That’s when we turned agitated and our mood is getting lousier and feel angry at everyone.

Our mood tends to create an aura that may make other people feel that this is not a good time to create a joke. Unless your friend is like a stone that has no idea what is going on. Sometimes I just do not know whether this is going to be good or bad. But if the person managed to get everyone laugh off, it is a good one!


Being benevolent

Once the black angry mood entered our mind, you felt as if the world is against you. You are going to scold the person whoever start talking to you and nothing will make sense at all.

This may go on for days if you do not wish to see through everything.

If you are benevolent, let go and do not allow the bad mood conquer you for days. There are people prefer holding their anger for years! That’s how bad the situation can become if neither one of them want to let it go. Is life going to be a happy or just sadist?


A big heart

Controlling our mood can be as simple as ABC and as complicated as any other thing.

It is either we put down everything, forgive and forget, or hold the anger through the day and everyone will suffer together.

Even with a small problem can easily trigger a person mood badly. It takes such a big heart and strong mind to let go everything and this is not going be easy.


Life goes on

Imagine someone had accidentally messed up your project and nothing can be done because it is already over. It is plain disgusting because the project supposed to be running smoothly.

Typically, we will be screaming and cursing non-stop because the project had failed terribly. You know you get reprimanded for sure as there is nowhere to hide it. You just got to face the fact.

You are in the sad mood rather than feeling angry. You just got to think it over how to make it better for the next opportunity. It is better than getting yourself in the sad mood for the entire day where you loved ones will be affected too.

This is being optimistic. It is not as if the world had just ended, life still goes on.


Show it happily

When you go to an event, do you prefer to listen to happy and lovely music or the sad and sorrow type during a wedding? It is horrible to think that way, but it is true!

No matter what we do or share, we just got to show it happily. That make our life bright and floating. Let all the black thought fly away and invite the colourful thoughts in our mind. That is fantastic, isn’t it?

No matter what happen, let’s all hold our hand and pray to each other and be positive and remain happy mood so that good luck will always be with us.


Don’t waste it, spend the time wisely

Morning person

Are you a morning person?

A little rest will not kill you but spending your rest day by sleeping is not going to be very efficient.

Are you a morning person that love it so much that you want to get up before sunrise? The air is fresh and it is cooling.

Looking into the sky, you noticed the sun is rising! The beautiful image just appears right before your eyes. The orange light that was slightly covered by the blue cloud and sky look as if it is trying to say hello to you. Smile, my friend.


So how are you going to spend your day wisely on a weekend?

Despite working so hard for the whole week, no doubt it is great to tuck yourself in the bed and keep on snoozing until you feel the heat is burning on your bum, or you prefer to do something that you want to complete for the day?


Sleep, sleep, sleep… are you sure?

It is not hard to plan your day wisely unless your body want to rest badly. It means – sleep all day long and literally lying everywhere you can find in the house. Just like a big walrus and do not intend to move at all.

Time is now late noon when you realised that something is not right.

Oh no! What you have done for the day?! All the task that you want to do had gone to waste because you want to rest badly! What are you going to do?

Punish yourself? Cry? Blaming non-stop? Or continue resting like nothing had happened.

You have a choice to make it work right. Just do it then, complete the task now if you can. No more grumbling or crying over spilt milk. Nothing is going to change, the time will only move forward and not backwards.

Are you going to feel accomplished when the day had ended?

I bet you do.


Lying down is so wonderful

Excuses are not your answer

Just by lazing around, it only helps to make you lazier. We cannot sleep all day long because we will get more tired.

If you feel like doing exercise for the day, just do it, as like Nike slogan had always said so.

Do not find excuses because you want to be healthier and get into fitness and kill the lazy thoughts in your mind.

Always think of your motivation answer.

What is the end result are you getting and why?

The only time for you to rest the whole day and not doing anything will be the day you are falling sick and too weak to do anything. That is a good time for you to dream whole day with someone taking care of you.


Forget your rest, your kids will not allow

If you are a father, then you can totally forget about sleeping the whole day because the kids will be jumping on the bed and asking you to bring them out and play.

Those are the times you do not want to miss at all because you will not get those moment back when they are older.

Treat every moment happy and use it wisely.

Whether you going to do blogging, fix up your toys, producing music, doing art, watching movies with family  etc… Do not over think or wait for it to happen.

Get on your feet right now and kick the lazy angel away. It is not helpful at all.


Happy from start till end

Do you spend your time wisely or just sleep the whole day? Do you feel any accomplishment for the day?

It is not hard to get your sleepy and lazy thought away because it is all in your mind to fight it out.

Always start and end the day happily. It is important to stay happy and be positive.


Decision making, should we follow?

Who should we blame?

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We believe that we want someone to guide us when we are facing some difficulties in a decision.

When the guidance is wrong, we blame on the person who gave the suggestion, not ourselves who chose on our own.


It can be as simple as what should we eat later on to the most sensitive area – investing.

Who do not love suggestion?

Ultimately, we all love people who give a suggestion because sometimes we are just being lazy to think hard. And it is also easy to point a finger at someone else if anything goes south.

Easy does that, huh?


What happened if it involves with money?

If you have no idea which stock or forex pairs to buy, just shun away. Do not learn to take other people suggestions and follow suit. Because everyone have their own method, and it may not cater to everyone hunger.

Instead of seeing profits, you are losing money because you chose to follow instead of doing your own analysis. But you blame yourself for following when you know you are on the right track!

That means you are lacking confident.


Decision making is important

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Do not let other people distract you unless you want to follow it.

If you want to succeed in life and your business, learn to take decision instead of taking other people advises and follow blindly.

The keyword is followed blindly because there are always good advises you can listen. But make sure you do your homework before deciding.


When we take the suggestion and decided to proceed with it, we must learn to accept the wrong decision even though you analysed correctly. There is no perfect in this world, so we must learn to accept some pain in life.

Life is a piece of chocolate, as the famous quote had said.

But there are always sweet and the bitter type, if you can start to love the latter, it means you had surpassed that level of pain. “I will make back later.”

One must not learn to dwell over the past. We should look forward to the greater good in future.


Faith lies on our hand, choose to listen and analyse or choose to follow blindly which is the easier way out.

We all have a choice to make but with a wise decision.


Failure is a lesson to learn

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All of us want to be successful and love the easy way out. The simpler, the better.

If you are a boss of your own, take as many pointers as possible. Because there are some pointers that may not suit you well.

But no one can guarantee that it will be successful, it is the risk you have to take.

Sometimes, you just have to fail to understand structure because experience counts,


If anyone can survive without a failure, it means that the person is either being spoon fed or just blindly follow orders. He or she will never understand the meaning of failure to gain experience.

Failure can be big or small, now or later.

Even Warren Buffet have his failure when acquiring companies that he is eyeing on. All of us are not the god or fortune teller.

Whether you are self-employed, a blogger, a DJ, musician, trader, designer, singer etc, do not cry over spilt milk when you are having crossroad in life.

Rather than self pity yourselves, failure will make you even stronger.



The hunger that may kills

Hungry over food

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Who can resist the feast of food on the table?

Ever wonder that when you are extremely hungry and hoping that you can finish all the items as soon as possible?

But there is something that we have forgotten always – limitation.


While we are very hungry and wanted to finish up the food, we must know that our stomach has a limitation of how much it can contain. It may lead to overeating if we keep on eating non-stop.

What will be the aftermath for that cause?

Indigestion, vomiting, headache and giddy etc… Especially for those who are under medication, you have an answer that to yourself. It is not going to be nice.


Apart from consuming of food, there are so many examples about (over) hunger may kill without limitation.



Hungry over design

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Most of the things had gone simple and easy to understand. Clean and slick is something everyone is looking for, especially on designing of the poster, interior house, photography etc.

In the past, everyone falls in love with Adobe so much that they put in a lot of effort putting in so many elements that create the extreme design concept.

After a period of times, designer and creative director intend to make it simple as much as possible.  It is let people focus on what they want to tell, share and show.

It is better to be straight to the point than making guesses.

So, what does greed get into it?

For example, a poster that a designer is designing. The output looks terrific because it is so clean and everyone can understand very well. But he felt hungry and wanted to add on more so that he feel that the emptiness will not be there.

In the end, face palmed himself when the colleague started making so many negative comments that he was so surprised of.

Did he do a bad job or did he put in too many elements that ‘destroyed’ the initial look?



Hungry over investing


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Design can revert to the original creation, but there is some stuff that it cannot.

That will be investing.

Anyone can invest, but which one are you comfortable with? Business or stock/ forex market?

You get excited because of your first investment and it is making good money.

You started to branch out as many investments as possible because you never thought that it is so easy to make money this way and you decided to put in a lot of money.

Without prior knowledge of any product, you bang for luck to come.


Your hunger has no limitation. It is telling that you are always hungry and wanted it more. Of course, the more the merrier, the higher the risk it will be.

Not every day is Sunday, there will be a thunderstorm and it will happen.

When you look at the business account or portfolio, you started to worry. Why am I not earning profits and instead getting so much loss and it is not very healthy at all!

We must understand one thing – learn when to stop and withdraw necessary. Or rather, take your losses to prevent it from falling it down further. It is very unhealthy for your account. No one like losing, but sometimes, we just have to accept it.


Move up again another time. Don’t brood over the losses.


Better to feel the pain now than getting your wound deeper.



While we feel hungry, we must know our own limitation as not to go overboard. We will be greedy instead of being hungry.

Late founder Steve Job once said, stay hungry stay foolish.

He wanted to make his foolish thought to make it happen by staying hungry. He once turned greed and revert again. This is how he is so successful.





Be willing to forgive

It is a lie that we can forgive a person so easily.

It is a lie that we can forget the incident that happened after we forgive.

It is not a lie that someone can forgive and forget.


All of us were young before, love playing a prank on friends and also got into fights so easy.

When someone is injured, we often apologise immediately to prevent further unhappiness, but does the victim feel happy about it?

No, they will not. Who will feel happy after an injury or being hurt?


Forgiving a person

I recalled the day I was being punched in the left face because of my sudden action when my fingernail caused my friend being scratched deeply from his eyebrow till his cheek.

I do not remember how does that incident happen, little tiny memory tells me that I was playing around.

When the painful burning long sensation happened, he cannot take control and punched me in the face 3 times without telling me what’s going on.

Oh man, I still remember how hurtful the punch was. It caused my jaw to be misaligned. I found out only when I attempt to open my mouth bigger.

I hold no grudges because I am the one who cause that incident to happen. And I did apologise after I found out the reason. But he did not forgive as what I have remembered.


A person who is hurt and not willing to accept the forgiveness is understandable.

It takes a lot of courage for a person to forgive the person who started it.


This is just a simply small incident. What about those met the life and death situation?

I remembered reading a newspaper that the victim family willing forgive driver because fault does not lie with him. And there is nothing they can do to bring their son back alive.

It totally stunned me.

This family heart is magnificent.

They can think further what we normally do. Rather than living with despair, why not live happily?

We just want peace in life.


We do not teach people to forgive because it will be an act against their wish and in order to do that, you have to see through the life and open up your heart.

If you are naturally a good-hearted person, it will not be difficult, unless you have gone through years of changing about your thought, e.g. studying of religious or mediation.

Whether it is easy or difficult to achieve, it all depend on yourself.


Just as I told my daughter previously, saying sorry is so easy. But, one of the most difficult word to say it out is “I forgive you





Keep your mind empty

I had been thinking how should phrase this article properly and decided to give a little short story.

Two competitors are placed in the jungle setting off at the exact time given, but they do not have a time limitation to get out of the place.

The fittest will survive.


Source: photorator


The character of the two survivors is different.

One follows strict rules on how many hours he should be on foot, rest and sleep.

While another guy will try to move as fast as possible despite the lack of sleep. The reason why he is so confident is because of the hint – *just go straight, but do not get lost*


So who is the first to reach?

If you are thinking the second guy, then you are wrong. The answer should be survivor 1.


It is pure easy. Though the hint is given to him, how can anyone confirm it is true? Was he just a follower regardless of anything?

Even if it is true, are you sure you will not walk off the grid because you are extremely tired while trying to chase till the end without resting?


Survivor 1 took his time to plan and have ample rest to ensure that he is within the grid and also looking out for the river which may lead him out of the jungle. He also learns to look at the star to guide him out as well. There are many ways, just don’t follow one hint and you get yourself into trouble.

Do not be like a rabbit who is so arrogant that it will win over the tortoise.


Coming to reality.

How can you be confident or independent if someone was to keep on advising you? Will you be able to stand on your own by doing everything by yourself?

Every step requires proper plan. If there is none, plan according to your way. Having proper rest is a must because it will help to build up our strength and focus better in the long run.

By moving ahead without a plan is as good as losing your entire army to your enemy. A clean wipe out.



Whenever we are busy with work and had no idea which one to do first because all of them are equally important and having the same deadline, why not close your eyes and keep your mind empty for that 5min.

By having your mind go empty without any wild thoughts, it will tell you the answer the moment you open up your eyes. Do that project and you will slowly get hands on it.

All of us want to do best for our work and impress the superior. However, that does not mean you can forget about your family and health.


Take a step behind and plan well for your work and family.

No matter how busy a person is, always make time to rest. All of us have 24hrs a day equally, no one have more or less. It is how you plan it well so that you can get out of the jungle effortlessly.


Why the grass is the same green

It took me quite a while to think about this topic and I had erased at least thrice when I was about to finish off the article.

I find it hard to end the article without any substance because it does not seem right to me.

I am not an author, but I love to share things that I think is right, hence I wanted to share about Greener than the other side.


When we look at the field, do we feel that the other field is really greener?

Have we tried to walk on the other field while we are here complaining nonstop about the field we are standing now?

Look, this is not about the field but our life.


I love to complain in the past because life is unfair. Why do people get all the good things while I don’t?

Why do all my friends earning a lot than I do? I think a lot about this question in my mind for many times.

While I am complaining about these, there are people who are envy about me!

Is that weird?

Why does someone envy me for being penniless? I smiled and shook my head.


It turned out this way – time and being as own boss wins it all.

What I earned from the client is 100% profit, all that I need to do is to keep on following up the project and make sure there is enquiry from another potential client

I love my work for being flexible and happy.


You see, happy is something that cannot be bought. No amount of money can buy you happiness.

My friends used to complain about their work and how harsh their bosses treat them. After a talk with my friend, we must also understand why does the boss behave this way. If he does not put pressure on the team, nobody will be able to finish by the deadline.

Imagine the project was screwed up? Do you think that the client will want to find your boss again for more project? Employee cares more on their bonus and salary than what the boss is going through. It takes times for them to understand well.

Hard work will pay off everything.


While my friend envies me for having my own freedom, I told him that I envy you for being stress-free from finance because you get your pay every month without fail.

This is the life that we have to accept it.

Although I envy my friend, I had already stopped complaining about the route I had taken because I chose it myself.

While my friend, sometimes he still complained about it.


We must learn to understand and continue to encourage each other instead of joining the crowd and add to fire about the negative remarks about your company or project. There is nothing to gain for either of you.

The green is always the same, it depend on how we should see it in life.

So long as you are happy with what you are doing, everything is as clear as it is.


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Your decision to move forward is not wrong


When we are in the desperate stage, we cannot see what is in front of us because it is hazy and the visibility is very poor.

Imagine you are standing on the beach looking far ahead and the boats are far away from you and it is smaller than your fingertip when you try to align them at the sea level.

As the distance is too far away, you cannot see who are on the boat, so you decided to take out your binocular and take a quick peep.

But you realised that you do not have the equipment by your side and you missed that chance to see which is the boat you are eyeing on. Suddenly there are a couple of boats at the same level.

You are shocked and started to scratch your head wondering why are you looking at the boats when you have no intention of doing at first. Is it because you are just following what the others are doing? Where is your focus point?


This is us, we are unaware what we are doing sometimes.


Blame on our vision


It is either we stay out on the comfortable beach enjoying the breeze while drinking your favorite orange juice on the beach chair, or you set sail and move forward to see what is in the boat.

The current is too strong.

Gust of wind blew you backward to the shore instead of moving forward.

Rather than setting your sail, you intend to row the boat forward hard, using all your strength to push on.

Your arms are sore and tired because of the amount of effort.

At that point of time, it is either you make it or you don’t. Go back to the original position where you can enjoy sitting on the beach enjoying the orange juice, or sit on the boat and let the wind blow you anywhere with no direction, or moving forward to reach the boat.


This is a decision

Most of us wanted to put a stop on it because of the storm. Uncertainty to carry on, there are thoughts that the boat might be smashed into pieces because of the strong current.

The current might go beyond your head and slam you down into the sea. Don’t worry, you will not drown at this stage.

You might be swept far away, or back to the beach where you set off. Again, you looking for a boat to set sail while your friends are all laughing at you.

They teased non-stop because they know it is not going to work and it will take days to reach the tiny boat. It is best to sit down and relax.

Even if you reached, you will be disappointed. The outlook of the boat is just too normal to comment with – nothing fanciful.

There is nothing excited to push yourself because it is so tired and to all of them, they felt that it is a waste of their time.


We do have such friends, don’t we?

Everywhere we go, meet and talk, there are friends who love to talk you down. They do not share the same vision as you do. Hence, they can never understand what are you talking about.

Is it a dream or a reality?

Many of your friends prefer a stable and comfortable work because they want security and less stress on the monetary part. Or, only the minority, they simply love the job so much that it is hard for them to leave.

Therefore, we cannot blame them for staying put although they will be making noises after noises how bad their superior are.

Nothing beats loving the job, but it can be so annoying if you meet a bad superior.

If this is the life they prefer, we should respect their wish.


But for your side, if you chose to venture on your own, you must shoulder the bad weather while on the sea. By the time you went through all the struggling, you will not notice that you have already reached your goal/ the destination.

So how about the boat in the sea?

Even though the boat is ugly and filthy by the look outside, it is actually luxurious internally.

It is something that you never thought of. The idea is to get on the boat and check it out and use the boat to travel even further. It is astonishing. You are filled with all the things you needed for, and there is nothing to complain about.

Upon looking back at your friends, they are still enjoying what they are now and felt a little jealous because of the things you own now.

You bid goodbye and set sail to somewhere further happily.


Get yourself focus and try a little harder, you be rewarded eventually.


If you are struggling still, do not worry. You will be just fine.

Do not say give up unless you wanted to, it is inevitable that anyone will have the idea “I am so tired to carry on”. This is the truth and it will always happen. You just got to move on and clear the blurry image yourself.

The only way not to give up is to get yourself involved with other things that are fulfilling so that you will not feel burnt out during the process.

Always be positive and stay strong.


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Nothing is impossible

Why isn’t it right?

How many of us had been wondering whether things work out right?

We ponder a lot and get into depression because things are not as smooth as you thought. From sadness, it led to emotional stage then to depression. It is something that we do not wish that to happen to us.

Nothing works out right no matter how hard you tried, it is plain tiring.

Putting in a lot of effort seem reductant because it is fragile. It will collapse in a second just like a Jenga block if you accidentally pull out the wrong block hardly.

As the fall can be hard, you kept saying, why you and not others?

We decided to blame one and another, thinking that we shouldn’t be the one suffering.



Slow in passing through the stage

What we are seeing is a filter that required a lot of effort to blow it away, so that we can see the clearer path in front of us. The stage that everyone might have to go through.

Some may be quicker because they know what they want, so they decided to blow harder than anyone else by using all sort of tactic. A few may feel it slow because they are not focused at one point and decided to blow it at all corner.  And for most, they decided to stay put at it is and wait for the wind to blow it away for them.

This is what make us.

Sometimes, we cannot concentrate on what we are doing and kept blaming that the environment is not the best place to be in.

Such situation will just keep on stacking on and on till there is no tomorrow.

On the funny side, this tower is so sturdy until it is very hard to collapse and it also have the ability to draw a lot of attention like a magnet!


Never give up on yourself

In order to get this tower weaken, all you have to push harder and make it collapse. That may not seem right because the actual loser is always the one who make the jenga collapse. And there you go, in this scenario, you are not the loser but the winner if you are able to make this negative tower drop pieces by pieces. It is not going to be easy because there are a lot of support from one another, all you have to do is to keep on trying and avoid it from piling up.

And there you go, in this scenario, you are not the loser but the winner if you are able to make this negative tower drop pieces by pieces. It is not going to be easy because there are a lot of support from one another, all you have to do is to keep on trying and avoid it from piling up.

It there’s a will, there’s a way.

Keep this quote in mind, because nothing is impossible.



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