Why gloomy weather is good?

Why gloomy weather is good?

Gloomy storm day

A thunderstorm is coming, heavy dark cloud above us was moving fast. The shape of the cloud was twirling as if it is going to form a twister.

Strong gust of wind were making the tree branches flying up and down as if they were dancing vigorously.

Leaves on floor were flying all around.

The wind might even help us change our hairstyle while walking on street.

The sky is turning darker than before and all the cars have to turn on their headlight to see what is in front of them to prevent any accident.


Rain droplets started to fall down bit by bits. The drop seem heavy and big as they are falling very fast. The sound of the rain hitting everywhere – building, cars, windows and even our skin.

Within few minutes, these few droplets had turned into an army and wash you down if you are still looking for shelter.

The dry road started to fill with puddles of water.  Everyone start running with the sound of clapping, vehicles passing by the water splash onto the pavement.


Mood of the person

If a person is in bad mood, this is definitely a gloomy weather.

When the person is a relaxing mode, they will enjoy themselves by hiding themselves at home and rest, watching a movie and doing something they like in the shelter.

If you are a positive type of person, this will means that the road had been washed clean for you to continue the journey ahead.


No one like to go out with their clothes been wet. But sometime we have to brace through the storm to get on to our journey.


A gloomy stormy weather does not tell you to stop what you are doing. It is telling you to hold on for a while before deciding you wanted to go ahead despite the wet weather.

There will be sunshine after the rain. Road will start to dry up and everyone will come out from the shelter and start walking, cycling or even jogging on street.

The storm will not go on forever.

No matter how tough you have to go through, there will be sunshine afterwards.

It may not be now, but it will come eventually if you hold on to your positive thought.


Negative thought, negative thinking

Being negative will not get you far because whatever you said will be useless. Nothing will help unless you change your mind set.

There are people willing to come out from the dark because they finally see through it in their life. They want to be better than before. Not hiding in the shadow and blame on every single things.

Happiness will not drop from sky unless you keep smiling to everyone.

Whenever I see storm is coming, it always remind me of cooling wet weather that made me feel comfortable and then sunshine will shine on us to be better.

Smile and stay happy.



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Why confident person fail

Confident Brian

There is this guy named Brian. He is the type of person who learns things fast and he will go all the way to understand it well once he is confident.

Like others, he also has setbacks.

No one is born with a silver spoon and led the life happily ever after.

So Brian picks himself up, learning a lot of things to ensure he is on the right track.

Things are not easy as he thought because he does not have a personal mentor.

The only way out is to stay hardworking and being smart.


Was it a success or a failed?

Indeed, he is a smart type of person who can understand quicker than others.

Once he gains the knowledge, he will be on his own to test his ability.

Is he successful?

Apparently, the success rate is merely 10%.

Emotionally strained and tired. He took a deep breath and started all over again and again.


He thought once he has the knowledge from the mentor, he can start to share with everyone.

Just want to be another mentor to train up the others.

Once again, he failed.

The success rate remains the same until one day, he began to see through certain missing point he had missed out.


Seeking more mentors

And again, he seeks for another mentor to train him up.

With his good memory and fast learning ability, he found his gem mentor.

It does not mean the previous mentor is bad. It is just that their method might not work out well for him.


He sees his success rates are climbing up and he is so proud of it!

There is nothing wrong to share that.

But something had gone wrong about him.


Start of arrogant and over confident

The way he begins to mentor the others seem like he is high above the rest.

The challenge and questioning seem to hit others hard where he does not feel it at all.

But one must remember to stay humble to gain the respect.

If Brian wanted to be the type of “Mr Know It All”, he will soon annoy a lot of people.


There are risks for everything we do. No one can see the future, let alone predicting.

Brian may have a lot of confident and that is a good sign.

But he must remember that being arrogant and over confident will kill a person faster.

“Over confident people will put more risk because they begin to feel greedy.”

Nothing wrong with it.

The only problem will be a slap in the face because you show the direction that is wrong.

He might not fail drastically because he knows his own plan. All the why and how are in his head.

Definitely, he will get back fast.

But will he tone down his overconfident, though?

Always remain to stay humble and nice if Brian wanted to gain the respect.

Why time is precious

The time is running out

It is counting down.

You know that you do not have much time left on this earth.

While there are many things that you want to do, you can only be selective.

Rushing against time is tiring, but you know that you are left with no choice.

Keep yourself busy because you do not want to feel sad and knowing what is next.

No one can tell you the answer about the afterlife. This is the path you have to walk on your own.

It is depressing but you do not want your beloved to feel sad as well.

Every day is like a ticking bomb because you have no idea when this bomb will trigger.

Even the timer had shown it to you, how accurate can that be?


Limited time

You have to stand firm and keep it positive. Nothing should hunt you down because this is the only way to prolong your time.

Life goes on despite the limited time you have.

Whether you can accomplish the things you have on your list, always accomplish the most important items.

You will not have many regrets afterwards.


Sad and emotional

The last thing you want are friends coming to you feeling sad and emotional.

All you want is a happy day to remember it until your eyes are close. Nobody likes to bring sorrow with them.

Afterall, we are all human being. We have emotional when unexpected incidents happen.

If you need help, just ask.

This might be the last time you ever want the person to help you before everything is too late.



The last goodbye

You will be missed by a lot of everyone because you had helped them during your lifetime.

The merits you gain is something that not many can achieve.

Everyone have to accept the truth and hoping for the best.

Time is never enough and it is precious.

We can choose to be lazy and not doing anything, but we have to ask ourselves if it worth everything?

It takes a time to understand why we have to do all these. Everything has its own secret for us to decode it.

Remember, we must learn to treasure the time we have, and not feeling regret when there is not enough for us.

Happy Chinese New  Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

The year of Rooster will bring a lot of good luck and fortune for everyone so long as you believe in it.does not get affected by what the Feng Shui Master said.

Do not get affected by the Feng Shui Master said if the year is not too smooth for you. Everyone will face it because there is 12 zodiac sign.

Say more auspicious wordings and enjoy the family times to bring good fortune.

May the more red packet you give, the more you receive.


Last but not least, may you huat huat huat!

Good fortune for everyone!

Thinking big

Most of you might have penned down your 2017 resolution, hoping that this resolution is not another junk you wrote in your mind and then forget about it.

Every single letter you wrote down on a piece of paper must be put into action. Without that, it is as good as wishful thinking that can never happen before.

I had done it for 3 years and even wrote on my personal blog before. Due to lack of discipline, this is just another bull shit of mine.

Thinking big

As I am growing older, I begin to have a serious thought. This is not a joke I want because it is something that should happen.

If I wanted to do well in my writing, for instance, I must keep on writing and read more books to improve my writing. There are so much to learn and write it well because writing is creativity. It must allow readers to understand what are you trying to say.

Besides writing, I am also a Forex trader. If I really wanted to trade well and be more profitable, I must study the chart well enough to talk to me. The technical chart must be so clear that I can see at one look. I also have to train my psychology because this one of the biggest reason why trader failed to be profitable. So long as I am optimistic and never give up, I know I will make it.

There goes the same thing for my music production. So long you never give up, nothing will stand in your way from succeeding. It is important that you know what is working right for you. I have my own belief, thus I do not want to give up at all.

Everything works like a spider web. The bigger the web it is, the better for you to network and get your work share among each other.

Whether what line you are in, it is important that our work must be known to others so that we can get connected in order to leverage our hard work.


Power of influence

We cannot escape the power influence because we can be easily swayed and agreed with other parties. That does not reflect well on us.

Sometimes it does not take a big effort to reject before more serious things may fall onto you.


This 2017, what is your cause, your make and your life?

What are the things that you want to view through?

While planning for your future, we must not forget to gain merits by helping others as well.


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What I learn from 2016

Good bye 2016

Today, 31st Dec, is the last day of 2016.

How has it been for you since Jan?

This 2016 had taken away a lot of great artists that we can ever imagine. Let’s not go through who they are because you can just Google yourself.

This does not end even at the last few days of 2016.

It seems like the other side of the world is getting crowded.


So how about you all?

Has it been well for you since the start of the year?

Everyone has it up and down in life.

So long we keep on moving on and stay positive, we will always find a way to solve the problem.


2016 test, has it been good?


I take this year as a test for me to try out as many things as possible because I found the joy and I do not want to regret it.

Whether the job is going to be big or small, I will hold the fort until I decided to give up.

There are only 3 things that I will never give up and I still trying my best to fight with it.

They are music, photo and trading.


After years of practising and understand inside out, I finally know how I should move ahead to be better.

Everything is all about focus and keeps practising.

If either one of your choices does not allow you to earn the money, just focus that bring in the money and keep on doing the other during your free time.

It is not difficult to understand that.

It is just hard to stay concentrated.


You have your dream

If you have a dream to pursue, why hold back and not do it?

Many thoughts start coming in your mind and there will be a lot of negative assumption pointing at you.

You must be brave and do it.

Even if it fail, always have a backup plan.

This can keep it going on until the day you decided to give up unless this word does not appear in your mind.


If this is the chance for you to be what you want, do it now in the year of 2017.

Plan everything first.


What I learn from 2016

I learn a lot from 2016, especially on my three things I had mentioned, but one of them that I wanted to bring it up is trading.

Trading can be hard and harsh.

Once you had been beaten by the psychology trade, it will take you very long to stand up once again.

But I am glad that I found my mentor to help me out throughout the years and I started to see things on my own and be slightly better than before.


I will definitely share more once I am profitable.


Since I am on the topic of 2016, I would like to talk about 2017.

I will produce more dance music, gain fame from photography and do well in trading.


I believe I can do it, it just takes times.

Have a good last day of 2016 and may 2017 shining on everyone.

No internet, not end of the world

Life without the internet is not like the end of the world.

We can call our friend and head out together, just like in the past.

Being back to dino world is not a bad thing at all. It only teaches us one thing to remember, be glad what you have.

Last week, Singapore had experienced a terrible internet shut down by the biggest Telco. Alright, it is mainly the internet that is affected, so on the good side, we still can communicate and check out information via 3G and 4G.

I saw a lot of people complaining on the Facebook as if their life is ruin!

I shall be fair.

I pity those who need the internet for business, but not those who need it for social media feed, gaming and surfing.

Why not everyone just leaves their computer aside and head down to town or park to meet up with friends? How long have that been?


For those who do not know and never had this feeling before, this is a good experience.

We, the generation of the 80s – 90s do not have the damn unlimited internet data you are using now.

There is a cap of data we can use per month and the charges are not cheap!

When the data max out, we chose to shut down the computer and contact each other via SMS or phone call.

For those who are richer, they have the luxury of owning the unlimited data per month.

Will no internet kill you?

No! Of course not!

Didn’t we sleep, eat or exercising without the usage of internet? Get used to it and stop been a walking head down walkers.


We can compensate the loss of usage today.

We must live the day happily and stop being a whiner who kept on complaining. It will not help and it will never solve the damn problem because there is nothing you can do to help revive the connection.

However, it is a good lesson for all.

Time to learn the life without the internet.

Get buddies around for a meetup, doing exercising and explore around. Do not just sit in front of the computer for gaming and social media feed. For those in business, it is tough. But life goes on, wait for connection and apologize, or seek help with temporary internet solution (Hi Card).

Maybe competitors should start thinking of this solution if either one faced the same situation again.

It is lucky that only one telco is affected and not the entire island.



Everyone deserve an opportunity

Most of us love to look for an opportunity to give ourselves a better life. We ask around friends who might give us that, but they often rejected by saying things like” Nah.. you cannot do this or do that” “You do not have the experience to do that”.

It is tiring to hear that because they also do not have the experience from the start.

Everyone need to practise and learn because they have no prior experience in working life as there are a lot of things that cannot be taught in the school.

If no one is willing to give you an opportunity, there will be no one working in the certain sector.

I always believe in learning through experience. Do you?


You are looking for work and most of your friend rejected helping you because they wanted to be better than you in many folds although they may not know it by themselves. Because those benefits are just too overwhelming and by their action, they prefer to keep it for themselves.

If a person is willing to share, they will do a recommendation few months after in the workplace. If not, please do not waste your time because your friend will be walking away from you, or rather, it is fated that you cannot work in that industry.

Some people love to stand high and feel on top of the world because they like it a lot. But they guard themselves away by recommending friends in. Although there is no obligation to help, but a person nature can be seen clearly.


Do not pin high hope because it hurts badly.


When people are not willing to give you an opportunity, it does not means that you should the same thing back to others. Why follow others and betray your kindness in heart. What comes around, goes around.

They may be up there looking down on you, but there will be a day they look up upon you.

The more you help, the better you are.

Things do not change immediately but it takes times.

Everything is about patience and discipline. Good things will accumulate and it will slowly give you tonnes of good opportunity in future.

It will take a while to understand this knowledge when you are not really that clear. By having your mind at ease, you will find an answer to what had happened to you before.

Everyone deserve an opportunity unless they decided to give up on themselves.


Why keeping mind empty is better

When things are not getting your way, you love to make a fuss that things are JUST not going your way.

How much you tried, the result will not appear and you started to question yourself with a lot of why in your mind.

That results in you to turn a little crazy because you started talking to yourself and keep on blaming and hitting yourself when things are just not right.

This type of psychology burden is not abnormal at all. Because we cannot control our mind well enough to let it control us.

In the other word, this is call stress.


We started imagining things that did not happen at all and start assuming this and that.

Family members started having a fear of you because you are not in your usual you.

The stress keeps on getting you and you have no way out to take a breather. You feel like no one can understand your situation because they are not the one who are facing this problem.

In the other hand, it is true that no one is facing the same problem as you. Unless this house turns into mental health institute.

Sometimes it is good to sit down and close your eyes by NOT thinking any other things. It is good for your brain to feel the relaxation mode.


It is not even meditation you need to do because you will bound to fail it.

All you need is to sit on the couch,  close your eyes and get your body rested comfortably.

If you happen to fall asleep, so be it. That is the real purpose! Sleep comfortable with no tension in mind. It is ideal if the place is very quiet. Best to recuperate your mind because there is too much tension that caused you having lots of tension and anxiety.

Work is stress, but do not let it control you because this is very unhealthy for the entire family.


Things you should not believe in get rich fast

Having some thought in mind and wanted to earn more money?

You sit down in front of the computer and start your Google search: How to make more money in short time.

I will confirm that there are so many links that you are going bewitched by it!

Hey hey…there will be information like:”Wow, I earn $X in a week! I cannot believe it!

“Wow, I earn $X in a week! I cannot believe it!”

“This product make me earn so well that I can work from home every day”

“Earn $1000 in a day!”


The promising that you cannot blame

Yeah yeah… all these promising stuff is just going to start leeching you sooner or later. Good or bad, you pick your own choice.

You have no idea how it is going to work, you find the course is affordable that you quickly jump into it and realised that you have to keep on paying until you stop or rather pay for a year.

SO much of tactic that you can spend before you can start earning! Right right, there are people will start telling you… if you do not invest in yourself, will you learn?

You got so messed up because you thought you can earn but realising that all these are ‘fake’ business they wanted it from you!

There are no promises also, so whether you can make it or not, that is another story to say.

Truthfully speaking, there are people really earn from their blog and selling of stuff. Not because they have unique things to sell, but they enter the market where everyone is looking at it.

You cannot blame internet marketing gurus who say they can help you! Only if you know what to sell in the first place. Best is you bring in people to join the course and then there are incentives! Wow.. what a deal! Why not?  Psst… check your ROI (Return on investment), okay?


Hard work will pay off

Everything will work if you are diligent.

I am not saying that ALL of them will never work. but you just need to spend a time to make it work.

Nothing is impossible in this world.

But do not get blind by the get rich fast or earn $XXXX in a day type of sentences.


Wake up wake up

Other than internet marketing and MLM type of special advertising… There is another ‘get rich fast’ that will definitely lure people in.

It is investing in stock or forex.

C’mom, if you do not know any shit about that, I suggest you stay out or go find a proper website with better people who are willing to guide you!

DO not jump in because you want to get rich fast.

If you really think you can do wonders from $1000 to $1,000,000 in short notice? Dream on and hug your beer to sleep.

Wake up!

While investing is fun if you are really a chart person, do not get blind by some guru who says their method really works.

Yes yes, they are all out to earn MORE money, the more the merrier and I did not say they are lousy. Who will not want money when they need lesson badly?

At least find someone who is reliable with good reviews.

Do not spend money on robot if you know nuts. Chances of losing all your money are very high. Unless the robot is proven with records.

And please, for god sake, do not blame on those mentors who cause you to lose money. They too will lose money in the market, they are not god that will earn a profit every day. Someone have to lose.


Find the right mentor

If you are able to find a mentor who willing to teach you, at no cost… WOW! Congrats!

I am one of those who received that no cost lesson! I had lost a lot in market and paid to one ‘guru’ mentor because I am hunger for getting rich.

If you do not believe me after saying so much, by all means and try it.

That is the kind of experience not many want to go through it, but I will assure you to wake up your idea after you been to the dump shit.

I am not selling anything to you even though I wish to. But this is just a kind reminder that you should not be blind, okay?