I have no idea if I should continue this journey of writing because I thought that everything is smooth butter at first.

The more I write, the slacker I am because of the content in my mind is unable to squeeze anything out

I am definitely not a writer, as you can see.

I do not have any followers to this blog and it is as good as – write for the fun syndrome.

Right now, at this point of time,

I feel so slack.. the content does not work on me anymore.

I will more likely to concentrate on my trading blog , also my trading journal.

Why we must be careful of our response


What does this music video tell us on our action? Do you feel any regret?

Although the music sounded very nice (they have a beautiful voice as well), it also tells us the aftermath result according to our rash action.

Nobody, including you and me, would like to receive a very bad response after what we have done.


Have we ever thought of slowing down first before taking things into action?

This is all because we feel very angry at that time and there is an urge to get back by punishing the person first! You feel great by doing that because this is how you want things to happen. You do not care about other people feeling as well.


Why must we not make a decision during quarrel?

We know that quarrel is bad because we love to use beautiful languages against each other.

Family, friends or own spouse, when you start the fire, be prepared that the fire will escalate like a fire ball.

Be careful what you said during the fight because the other party will take it very seriously.

This is one of the reason why you are single, all because you do not know when to stop!


After you had said your piece, you realised that there are words that cannot be used at all.

Yes, pop a champagne, you just got yourself into trouble.

Count yourself lucky if you can save the relationship, if not, go make yourself tired in the gym and have a good night sleep.


More you argue, more regrets you may have later.

This type of scenario is so easy to be found on TV drama when either one of the party is quarrelling!

It is so embarrassing when you realised that both of you are quarrelling over a small matter that can be resolved! Do you need to fire up more?



Learn to cool your mind

C’mom, know your limitation during a fight.

Either you stop right now, or regret later.

If it is a situation that cannot be resolved, then that’s it!

Walk off with style! You do not need to create a ho-ho drama for everyone to see, then the next moment, both of you are so famous over the internet!


Do not let bad temper overcome you because you may not be able to control yourself.

Stay quiet and take a deep breath.

Explain the situation rather than using a loud tone that may lead to misunderstanding.

Do not say what you mean. This is one of the worst disaster ever!


Happy is positive

Now you see, things can be solved easily and the day can be happier if you choose to react slowly and do not get jumpy.

Do not let the day end with fight and quarrel, because this is unnecessary.

What we want is a joyful day to start with and also to end too.

Everyone going home happy and always looking forward to going out together.

Smile more and everything will be great. If you are a person that like to be grumpy and angry, you will be alone and feel regret that why you want to show attitude to anyone who tried to approach you.

A Happy person is attractive, they are much positive and always peaceful.


Learn how to stop saying bad luck

Learn how to stop saying bad luck

It is a fine day, to begin with.

Putting on your clothing and started smiling in the mirror. The reflection is saying that you look great!

Walking to the dining table, intend to sip a cup of coffee.

You coughed. And you spill your coffee on your favourite shirt!

The coffee stain is big and it is impossible to clean it off now.

You started mumbling:” What a day! I started feeling bad luck!”


When the bad luck happens

Your mood changed. You felt that bad luck will come to you very soon.

The happy and glowing face had turned into a thunderstorm.

You frowned, started cursing and swearing over a coffee spill that you did not want that to happen.

Hence, you decided to change another shirt that does not look good enough. It was not ironed properly. Totally the heck care attitude.

Time is running out and you have an important meeting to attend to.

You have just activated the blaming mode.

Will that go to be a bad day for you, or you wanted to carry on your smiley day?



Change your attitude

You cannot accept what had just happened.

You have a meeting to attend to and you felt embarrassed that your shirt might not look good enough to present.

This does not go anywhere.

The attitude of yours change suddenly and you seem hostile towards to anyone who tries to talk to you.

It is at the point of time people started to take a few steps away from you because they do not want to be influenced by you.

Your colleague will still carry on their daily routine and stay positive. It is bad to have your negative energy spread to others.

If this goes on for days, colleagues will be wary fo you. It is as if you are a walking time bomb.

As they do not want to see you blown off suddenly, they rather stay far away from you and remain as a just colleague and nothing more.

There will be no close colleague in the office whom you can share your feeling.

If you keep thinking of all the bad luck will come, then all of them will come to you.



Looking at the bigger picture is comfortable

There are people who look at the scenario as it is.

It is as if you are holding a crop factor camera with a nice 24mm lens. You cannot enjoy the wide photo as you desired.

However, if you are willing to take a step back, you will get almost the same wide angle like a full frame camera.

It is all about willingly to make an effort so that you are able to see the bigger picture.

Like the scenario, I had just written.

Despite the coffee spilt on the shirt, you like best, you may not know that the other shirt might look even better on you.

Also, the client might not notice your shirt at all. What they need is your presentation, not your shirt. You are not a model that walk on the runway.

If you continue to put on your smiley face, the chances of client love your presentation is very high.

Even if there is an amendment to be made, they will talk to you properly instead of slamming on the table and ask you to get out.

So, stop saying you have bad luck and start learning how to stop saying bad luck.



Thunderstorm is not forever

With the positive energy generating from you, you will get lots of encouragement, liking and trust from everyone.

Tell yourself something.

Do you want to see a person who has a sulking face and not willing to talk to you or prefer a person who is smiling non-stop and cracking jokes?

Although something has changed, it does not means the day has to be bad.

Thunderstorm will pass over very soon.

The bright sunny day will appear.

It is time to think again and refocus what you just missed.

You will not be surrounded by bad luck forever.

Only by thinking positive, then all the negative energy will disperse in the air.

The more you think about the bad luck, the more you will have. So you have to learn to stop saying bad luck unless you really wanted to attract that.



Attract happy people

If you had a rough morning, it is not important that you must stay firm and be cheerful.

There is no point sulking over a small matter that can be resolved in a few minute.

Even if you want to rant, well, c’mom, we are all human and we do feel good to rant once a while. Do not let your anger continue for more than 2hrs if you want a happy day ahead.

We must attract happy people together, so that all of us will have a good day ahead.

Tell the bad luck to move off, because it is none of their business to be beside you.


Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash

Why rewarded with patience is great?

Why rewarded with patience is great?

Patience test

You will be rewarded with patience because it is a big test for everyone.

But there is no definite answer when the future will come.

Some may be short term, while some have to wait for a long time.


To rush thing off isn’t a bad thing as well.

You have to be selective while rushing; going for an appointment, punctual in school or work etc, you must rush yourself as not to give a bad impression of yourself.

Hard paid off if you spend your time wisely.

If you rush your artwork, instead of getting the art to look complete, it might end up looking incomplete, fuzzy and messy. There is no feeling at all.

Art appreciator will walk away because of the negative feeling. Do you want to have an art piece that looks so busy at home?


Music composer often takes their times to write a beautiful melodic tune that everyone will feel comfortable and relax.

Every instrument adds into the music has its role to build up the tune.

If a composer does not care much about this details by rushing off to finish up the piece might turn out to be a trash instead.

The simplest the better.

Do not rush to complete the music, take your time to listen to make sure it sound good.


With lots of patience, you will be rewarded

But how?

You must be disciplined.


If you want to shack off your weight, you have to train yourself daily and eat lesser than the usual you.

By making research via online, you see the common keywords for you to start off is “cut down carbo”.

Being Asian, we love rice because we can pour our gravy on it and eat it like no tomorrow.

But there is risk for our health without knowing.

It is Sugar.


Regular meal is a must. Just try to cut down food intake bits by bits.

You must replace your rice if you are so in love with it.

And you not forget to exercise and drink lots of plain water.

While you are cutting down food intake, you must burn what is inside you.

Keep this discipline method, you will be healthier, cheerful and grateful that you can start wearing your clothing.


If you want to rush off to diet by taking supplementary, you are just over relying on pills.

That might make you continue to eat more as your brain send a wrong signal “Hey, I have supplement to burn your fats off. Just continue eating”

One day, you will find out that you will be putting on more weights after stopping the high costing pills.

Will it better if you start exercising that does not cost you a single cents?

We have YouTube video teaching you what exercise to do to lose weight.


You put in a lot of effort and stay disciplined on your routine.

Despite the turbulence, you gradually reaching your goal day by day.

This is the test we must all go through.

If you do not have the will power, you will failed the test, unless you are very focus and wanted to try it again.

No one will not know the outcome.

Only your mind power will help to overcome it.



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Kristopher Roller

Learn to have gratitude

Feel gratitude when you receive help.

Feel gratitude when someone says a lot of positive words to you.

Feel gratitude when life is wonderful to you.


We have our down times.

And we have friends that may look down on you thinking you are one of the losers.

We also have series of bad luck happening again and again until you feel like giving up.


Are you going to surrender?


It is not a bad thing to think that you want to raise your white flag.

You are the end of the world and not knowing what to do next.

At the edge of the road, you are scared because you are the only person there and you may fall anytime soon.

With lots of worries in your mind and keep thinking negativity, there will be no help for you at all.

God may not appear right before you and tell you what to do.

You have to take 1 step backwards to ensure you are safe enough to sit down and think.



Have you taken a look around?

Did you notice how far are you from the sea since you are the edge of the route?

You started to notice everything.

There are material that you can make a boat and you can sail it off as soon as you make it, feel gratitude.

You also noticed that the sea is just 1 feet below the edge of the route. It is not deep at all.

That is not the end of the world.

Whenever we have a crisis in life, we must learn to take a look around and keep focusing what we are missing out.

Be happy that you think deeply and stay focused.



It may be hard to notice initially, but if we use our heart and mind as one and use it properly, we can make the impossible to possible.

Lots of trial does not make you lousier, it means you are using all kind of way to make sure it will work.

The only failure in life is those who choose to give up.

No matter how long you are trying, always choose “Do not give up”.



Feel gratitude when you have friends that do not give up on you.

They tried their best to help you within their means.

Despite so many complaints and they do not walk away are your true friends because they wanted you to succeed in life.

Negative friends are all over, choose them wisely and do not mix wrongly.

Friends that always say you cannot make it are those who do not want you to succeed.

Walk away and be careful of them.



Remember those who help you.

Learn to have gratitude because there will be karma if you turn against them.

Say thanks, share with them and help them to build up your kindness.

People who do not have gratitude will have ‘bad returns‘ in future.

Do not curse.

It will do you good when you learn to keep quiet.