Life of restart

I heard voices.

“Clean up the whole blog and restart, or you continue”

I had been waiting and thinking, thus the missing in action here.


I had decided with a smile on my face now.

Having no shame, I decided to keep it despite some of the content may not be suitable for everyone to read.


How many restarts do we have in life?

We can restart a game after dying many times, we can restart building our new life and move forward, but the pain and experience in our heart always remain the same.

Hence the reason I decided to continue this blog.


If there is time to make a change, we should do it before is running out.

Time passes very fast. It will not pause for you to make a change. Life still goes on despite how sad you are.

Everyone has to go through it.


Why does everyone say health is wealth?

It is not hard to think about it if you see the bigger view.

When a person health is going down hill, you will not get to enjoy it despite how rich you are.

With all the medicine pouring on you, you are drawn with all medical bills unknowingly and payment is painful.


Exercising make us look good and stay happy because you know that your fitness is getting a lot better than before.

Not only that, we are eliminating most of the illness by keeping healthy.

Keep smiling and we will be good and keep away from sickness.

Isn’t that health is wealth? We get to enjoy our life, remember that!


Complain all we want when we find out that our health is going down because we are lack of discipline.

Regret all we want. There is no way we can get back our health to the original stage.

We cannot restart it by moving our date back.

Instead, we have to move forward and deal with it.


Restarting is not a bad choice because this came from experience.

If there is a way to save it, use it wisely.

The alternative choice will be “Looking ahead”.

We can look back and learn from our mistake and not commit again.

We must not brood over it and stay negative as long as we want. This is bad for us.


Stay happy and cheerful.

How should I change my eating habit?

How should I change my eating habit?

Food to give energy

We cannot live without food because we need the energy to push ourselves forward. Like many of you, I love to eat food that is fried, sweet, baked steam, etc. Frankly speaking, I cannot resist food that I like a lot, of course, I do have some self-control.

Image result for curry chicken

Asian food is delicious. Anything that is spicy will make me lost my self-control by having 2 servicing of rice! Curry chicken and tom yum are one of the best in my menu.

Knowing that I am putting on weight, I should refrain from eating too much for supper. I always have a sara-lee cake with milk, cereal milk or even chocolate rice cake while watching my TV show at night.

I have my limitation so I will gulp down a lot of water after this sinful and yummy food. Sugar is nice but also a killer. Best yet, I seldom exercise, so I continue to eat as if I am starving for days.


No self-discipline and lots of execuses

Image result for no self discipline with food

I have no self-discipline when I wanted to exercise to lose weight. I find so hard to get the time to go out to jog, cycling or even swimming. I just sit in front of the computer looking at my music production and my forex chart.  I did T25 intensive circuit training or jogging and swimming. I have excuses – once I have an injury or find hard to find the time, I will just stop there and do not do anything.

One of my friends introduced me T25 because it is meant for weight losing and train your cardio. It is a very high intensive workout that helps you to shag off your weight. I did for a month and saw the result! I did slim down and my leg is much stronger than before.

As the training is pretty tough on my leg, I have to stop to rest so that I can recuperate my injury. That goes on for a week and I cannot catch up the rest of the training that last for 2 months. From then on, I stopped. That is one of the excuses. 


During my training, I did watch my diet as well and I am really happy. But, after I stopped the training, I almost went back to my glutton stage. And later on, it just goes worst. I was 103kg.

Every food that should not be wasted has gone in my tummy. I began to feel lethargic and felt very sleepy after my 3 in 1 coffee intake.

That was a year ago.

Things do not change, my eating habit goes haywire with no discipline at all.

I am getting lazier and exercise is just in my mind instead.


Something changed

I feel very tired and often having giddiness. I know that my body is doing some change and I begins to accept it because I know what is going on.

After seeing the doctor at my worst condition, I still do not feel any better until I gotten my blood test result after a week later.

I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic.


I know this day will come because of my eating habit. I literally ignored the sign last year when it was not so bad. With high sugar contained, it is normal that you feel sleepy after taking a cup of 3 in 1 coffee.

Since the day I was diagnosed, I tend to be very careful of my diet and watch out for those sugar intake.

In short, we have to take in carbo, but with strict amount of intake. Just walk away with those sugary drink.

If you are a 100 plus or any isotonic drink lover like me before, do avoid it when you are not exercising. This is one of the highest sugar contained!


Brand new diet start now

It is not the end when I realised that I have to change my diet. It is good, trust me.

I always love how people eat healthily but cannot stand that small amount or those vegetables (salad) because I will never feel full! Now I totally can relate to that.

Eating healthy is costly. So choose the meal carefully as not to let your wallet explode.

Apart from eating healthily, it is very important to get yourself into exercising! There is NO excuses anymore. Say now and not LATER.


If you did a web research, there are lots of healthy western food, what about asian food? What is the ok and not?

Fortunately, my wife managed to find out this website which might be able to help most of you out there.

25 Diabetes Friendly Local Foods to Eat in Singapore

We can EAT anything we want, so long as it is portion controlled! We are NOT supposed to over eat! It is the benefit of health.

So, for those out there, please do not blame or take a second look on us by throwing half of the food away. We have to take care of our eating habit.

Let’s be nice to ask the counter to give us lesser portion instead.


Stay healthy and start exercising today!


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How to keep myself motivated?

Stress is the killer

Do you believe that stress is one of the hidden killers?

When a person is a stress, there are a lot of things that may start to happen. Our lifestyle, interaction and health will be affected.

Therefore, you have to keep yourself motivated by doing things that you like and keep the stress away from you as far as possible.

While this may seem difficult, it is better to learn how to do it in a proper way.


We cannot avoid stress because of how the world evolve. Work stress is one of the killers because you are fighting the fire every day in order to get promoted with better pay.

Even when you get promoted, you are faced with lots of challenge because the higher you go, the more pressure you will face. Unless you are the biggest boss who hires all the intelligent to work things out for you.

There is no free lunch in this world. You just dig in more and more.

You are unknowingly getting health issue if you do not start to take care of yourself.

Pressure tension

Every family has their own difficulties – health and financial and also dealing with in-laws etc.

The pressure you faced at work is more than enough to get you a headache, but you get tensed out when family members are giving lots of unnecessary problems.

There is a countless problem that a person can share.

No matter how tough the life is, we have to motivate ourselves to move forward.


Everyone is tired when they reach their peak limit. They can no longer hold on and feel like scolding everyone else. It is just like a sergeant major going around pin point your mistake.

No matter how well you are doing, you will never get a compliment at all. Scolding is the only thing you receive.

Things will go on and on without ending if a person is feeling too stress.

Wild imagination flocking in their brain and thought that the world is literally against them.

Give a helping hand

If you notice anyone if facing that. It is important to guide he or her to relax their mind before something real hurt is going to happen.

It may take a long time for a person to listen to you, so umpteen tries is a must.

If they are willing to listen, it is important to engage them for 30min to an hour away from everything and relax.

By relaxing, it is not about sleeping it through, it is relaxing our mind to feel comfortable.

4 better ways to ease your stress

  1. Meditation works effectively if you can calm your inner soul. Think of nothing and keep your mind blank for 15min at the start. Set a soft alarm to keep track of time. If you cannot keep it blank, think of a beautiful sunset by the tree.
  2. Yoga almost the same as mediation because of staying calm and relaxation. You can stretch all your tired muscle and keep your focus by balancing yourself. Relaxing music will help during your yoga exercise.
  3. Walk on the beach.  If you listen to new age music or any soothing music before, you will notice the sound of waves, raindrop and soft waterfall. These sound are proven to help you ease the tension in your mind. You can find them on Youtube or even relax on the beach listening to it. It is great to have sea breeze as well.
  4. Essential Oil. The fragrance of essential oil helps you to feel relax. You can use it as above mentioned. It can be applied anytime of the day. A good essential oil will help to bring benefit for your body. So it is important not to choose cheap or synthetic oil.

We must learn to feel relax and let go of our tension to avoid any harm to our health. Some might be life threatening if we do not take care well.

Eating healthy but with overloaded of stress might cause you to have other problem too. Our mind is one of the most powerful elements in our body. If it cannot overcome the amount of stress you have now, it will be defeated badly.  One led to another.

It is not a fun thing feeling so the stress of work daily. Nobody like it. It is you to pick a choice by moving on. Resign and move to another sector that might bring you happiness. Remember, money does not buy happiness.

You have to motivate yourself to stand up and choose the path of happiness.


Why confident person fail

Confident Brian

There is this guy named Brian. He is the type of person who learns things fast and he will go all the way to understand it well once he is confident.

Like others, he also has setbacks.

No one is born with a silver spoon and led the life happily ever after.

So Brian picks himself up, learning a lot of things to ensure he is on the right track.

Things are not easy as he thought because he does not have a personal mentor.

The only way out is to stay hardworking and being smart.


Was it a success or a failed?

Indeed, he is a smart type of person who can understand quicker than others.

Once he gains the knowledge, he will be on his own to test his ability.

Is he successful?

Apparently, the success rate is merely 10%.

Emotionally strained and tired. He took a deep breath and started all over again and again.


He thought once he has the knowledge from the mentor, he can start to share with everyone.

Just want to be another mentor to train up the others.

Once again, he failed.

The success rate remains the same until one day, he began to see through certain missing point he had missed out.


Seeking more mentors

And again, he seeks for another mentor to train him up.

With his good memory and fast learning ability, he found his gem mentor.

It does not mean the previous mentor is bad. It is just that their method might not work out well for him.


He sees his success rates are climbing up and he is so proud of it!

There is nothing wrong to share that.

But something had gone wrong about him.


Start of arrogant and over confident

The way he begins to mentor the others seem like he is high above the rest.

The challenge and questioning seem to hit others hard where he does not feel it at all.

But one must remember to stay humble to gain the respect.

If Brian wanted to be the type of “Mr Know It All”, he will soon annoy a lot of people.


There are risks for everything we do. No one can see the future, let alone predicting.

Brian may have a lot of confident and that is a good sign.

But he must remember that being arrogant and over confident will kill a person faster.

“Over confident people will put more risk because they begin to feel greedy.”

Nothing wrong with it.

The only problem will be a slap in the face because you show the direction that is wrong.

He might not fail drastically because he knows his own plan. All the why and how are in his head.

Definitely, he will get back fast.

But will he tone down his overconfident, though?

Always remain to stay humble and nice if Brian wanted to gain the respect.

Why time is precious

The time is running out

It is counting down.

You know that you do not have much time left on this earth.

While there are many things that you want to do, you can only be selective.

Rushing against time is tiring, but you know that you are left with no choice.

Keep yourself busy because you do not want to feel sad and knowing what is next.

No one can tell you the answer about the afterlife. This is the path you have to walk on your own.

It is depressing but you do not want your beloved to feel sad as well.

Every day is like a ticking bomb because you have no idea when this bomb will trigger.

Even the timer had shown it to you, how accurate can that be?


Limited time

You have to stand firm and keep it positive. Nothing should hunt you down because this is the only way to prolong your time.

Life goes on despite the limited time you have.

Whether you can accomplish the things you have on your list, always accomplish the most important items.

You will not have many regrets afterwards.


Sad and emotional

The last thing you want are friends coming to you feeling sad and emotional.

All you want is a happy day to remember it until your eyes are close. Nobody likes to bring sorrow with them.

Afterall, we are all human being. We have emotional when unexpected incidents happen.

If you need help, just ask.

This might be the last time you ever want the person to help you before everything is too late.



The last goodbye

You will be missed by a lot of everyone because you had helped them during your lifetime.

The merits you gain is something that not many can achieve.

Everyone have to accept the truth and hoping for the best.

Time is never enough and it is precious.

We can choose to be lazy and not doing anything, but we have to ask ourselves if it worth everything?

It takes a time to understand why we have to do all these. Everything has its own secret for us to decode it.

Remember, we must learn to treasure the time we have, and not feeling regret when there is not enough for us.

Thinking big

Most of you might have penned down your 2017 resolution, hoping that this resolution is not another junk you wrote in your mind and then forget about it.

Every single letter you wrote down on a piece of paper must be put into action. Without that, it is as good as wishful thinking that can never happen before.

I had done it for 3 years and even wrote on my personal blog before. Due to lack of discipline, this is just another bull shit of mine.

Thinking big

As I am growing older, I begin to have a serious thought. This is not a joke I want because it is something that should happen.

If I wanted to do well in my writing, for instance, I must keep on writing and read more books to improve my writing. There are so much to learn and write it well because writing is creativity. It must allow readers to understand what are you trying to say.

Besides writing, I am also a Forex trader. If I really wanted to trade well and be more profitable, I must study the chart well enough to talk to me. The technical chart must be so clear that I can see at one look. I also have to train my psychology because this one of the biggest reason why trader failed to be profitable. So long as I am optimistic and never give up, I know I will make it.

There goes the same thing for my music production. So long you never give up, nothing will stand in your way from succeeding. It is important that you know what is working right for you. I have my own belief, thus I do not want to give up at all.

Everything works like a spider web. The bigger the web it is, the better for you to network and get your work share among each other.

Whether what line you are in, it is important that our work must be known to others so that we can get connected in order to leverage our hard work.


Power of influence

We cannot escape the power influence because we can be easily swayed and agreed with other parties. That does not reflect well on us.

Sometimes it does not take a big effort to reject before more serious things may fall onto you.


This 2017, what is your cause, your make and your life?

What are the things that you want to view through?

While planning for your future, we must not forget to gain merits by helping others as well.


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