Stay positive, focus and humble

Stay positive, focus and humble

The dream for us

Tony (fictional character) work very hard to get to where he is now. He is living in a luxury home, driving the latest fancy car which a lot of people are so envied (jealous) of.  But he does not put on the air to show that he is some rich jerk.


That is like a dream for us and all we can do is to complain and comment about his lifestyle.

There are people who hope he will fail and go back to his toughest day because they felt unbalanced.


We have friends who worked very hard as well. Though they are not a boss of their own, but they are in the higher management drawing the good sum of money every month.

Again, there are people who also hope that they will fail.

There are too many narrow-minded people who wanted success people to fail. It seems like they are not allowed to be where they are and only they can be succeeded. It seems like “what comes around, goes around”. It is a cycle that cannot be a break.


Putting effort to hold

It is easy to cycle down the slope than to cycle up to the top you wanted.

Every energy, strength and sweats you put in, allow you to get nearer the goal. The satisfaction is so hard to describe because you will be jumping with joy.

It is not easy to cycle up the slope easily. So long as you keep fighting on and push your every single step, you will get there in no time. (It does not matter if you are taking your own sweet time)

So long as you keep fighting on and push your every single step, you will get there in no time.

It is important not to give up.


When you are at the peak of business or fame, remember to listen to advises and don’t act like a hooligan and do whatever you think it is fine. There are too many pictures to see in a big frame.

There are series of concern to take care of as not to form a chain reaction that might pull down what you had just built through your hard work.

But, who will be the people in fame when they are not in business?

E.g. Youtuber, artists, producer, singer, blogger, photographer etc… There are so many of them that you can ever imagine. Every job has its own fame.

Hold up your reputation so that you can earn the respect from fellow fans.


Stay humble

I had seen people raising to the top and got hurt badly while cycling down the slope too fast because they are over confident about where they are now.

They have forgotten how they went through and treat others like garbage as if they are at the top of the world putting on airs. In no time, you will lose a lot of respect and you be falling down quickly until no one will bother about you anymore.

If you want to be like Tony, it is important to stay humble so that you will reduce the number of haters. There is no way to prevent people saying you, or wanted you to go down to dirt. But there are ways to allow people to like you instead.


Everyone wants to succeed in life.

One must learn to help one another.

Stay positive, focus and humble.



When my mobile data burst

When my mobile data burst


When my mobile data burst, it had brought me back to the past when there is no data on our phone, not even GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). All we had is just a pager, during that time we were crazy over numeric forming as letters to alphanumeric and to voicemail messages.

There isn’t a time or way where we can get the latest news on mobile, let alone the hype on Pokemon Go now.

Since I am unable to switch on my data due to my own negligence by watching YouTube using my mobile internet rather than WiFi while at home, I have to limit myself and save for the remaining of 200mb for the emergency usage. I have 2 weeks left for the new month to start for my data plan to revert back to 3Gb usage.



Without the internet on mobile, do I feel lost and insecure because I simply cannot get the latest updates from social media, news and etc.

I move around freely with my head looking straight rather than tilting down like I am one of those walking dead. *chuckles*

It allows me to look at my surrounding clearer than before because my focus is not on the phone most of the time.

Was it a good thing?


Don’t you think it is good to be disconnected from the internet once a while? Let’s not talk about the period when you are working or doing something serious till we forgotten to check the phone.

What I meant was the time when we head out together until the time when we are home. The only time to have the connection is via home or the place where free WiFi is available. Nothing else. It looks like I can go out without my phone at all.


Love to observe people

I love to observe people. That had been in me for the longest time ever. What they do, react, talk or behave got me interested.

I happened to witness a commotion of the coffee shop lady boss almost wanted to pick a fight with the officers while I was queuing up for food. If I didn’t continue to see the aftermath, I thought the lady boss is just being difficult to the officials. Apparently, she was trying to explain further in details with her loud voice.

Meanwhile, I also discover another food stall which I never patronise selling one of my favourite food!

If I continue to be like a ‘walker’ (just a joke), I will think the lady boss is a bitch and never know that the food stall selling my yummy food.


Stay connected with our family members

How many of us will stand still observe people without doing anything at all? Perhaps old people who do not intend to have any internet until they are home with WiFi.

No doubt we must stay connected to the internet because of workload and update the social media feed if you are an influencer or etc… But it is good to get disconnected during a weekend and stay connected with our family members and friends.

These are the times where we do not require the internet to get closer to each other.

Truthfully, I feel more comfortable without looking at my mobile regularly. When my mobile data burst, I do not panic but made do what I had missed usually? Of course, the only connection I have is SMS and calling on phone.

Do you have Passion

Do you have Passion

Morning does not seem the same

This is an unusual morning. The sky is dark grey, the fog started to draw in and every minute looking out from the window, the visibility is getting shorter and shorter.

The usual routine had changed and you started to get worried.

What happened if you kick on the rock which you had been avoiding it for years?

You know there is a slope along the pathway, but will this fog lead you to death by falling down?

Despite the change of weather and lots of concern in mind, you still have to go out and get the marketing done.

The journey is very long. It will take nearly 30min to get to the marketplace by walking, and 10 min by car.

This is an extremely dangerous situation and you cannot afford to fall off down with the car because of the thick fog.



No one can guarantee

Safety comes first.

In your mind, the choice appears: Either wait for the fog to clear off first, or go forward with it but extremely careful with every step you take.

No one can guarantee the safety except yourself. To risk or not to is in your own hand.

If you are able to see a partial of the route in front with the dim light, it means you have confident to walk forward.


Cross road in life

This type of scenario is just like we having a mid-life crisis. Whether we are going to change a new environment or staying on to be comfortable, no one but yourself knows the answer.

The initial thought in your best answer. (You got to find times to recall that very moment)

There are a lot of cons and pros, balance and benefits that we should look at. But, are these the main reasons?

Eventually, it is still in our mind. Do we love what we are doing?

We often heard people complaining what they are doing, but they do not take an action at all – changing a job or do something they prefer. But they still bite on and carry on with their displeasure.

Instead of seeing them happily, they are constantly grumbling of life.



Our friends will often advise not to go for passion because there are so many negative points.

Passion made us wanted to do more and stay very focused; one of my friend whom I just did the photo shoot told me the same thing.

Without passion, it can’t bring what you are and what you love dearly.

Do not slog through your work for something that you really dislike.

If you are unable to do so, always consider as a hobby that keeps you moving until the day arrive.

I did a PassionTest before and I am glad that I know what I want to do and did not have any regret in my life. All good things wil come later.


There is a will, there is a way

If you do not wish walk through the dark and foggy area, then no one can guide you what to do. Your wish is to be comfortable, so don’t keep having negative thoughts on why you are still in this line and not something you prefer.

If there is a will, there is a way.

By not moving forwards does not mean you are wrong.

In fact, there are neither a right nor wrong decision. The only bad mistake will be regret.

Whatever the choice you had made, do not feel regret.

Instead of having 2nd thoughts or regretted your decision, why not put your full effort and do it better?

Despite numerous failure, one day you will make it.

All you need is support from your loved ones, not the friends who often pull you down.


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Don’t waste it, spend the time wisely

Morning person

Are you a morning person?

A little rest will not kill you but spending your rest day by sleeping is not going to be very efficient.

Are you a morning person that love it so much that you want to get up before sunrise? The air is fresh and it is cooling.

Looking into the sky, you noticed the sun is rising! The beautiful image just appears right before your eyes. The orange light that was slightly covered by the blue cloud and sky look as if it is trying to say hello to you. Smile, my friend.


So how are you going to spend your day wisely on a weekend?

Despite working so hard for the whole week, no doubt it is great to tuck yourself in the bed and keep on snoozing until you feel the heat is burning on your bum, or you prefer to do something that you want to complete for the day?


Sleep, sleep, sleep… are you sure?

It is not hard to plan your day wisely unless your body want to rest badly. It means – sleep all day long and literally lying everywhere you can find in the house. Just like a big walrus and do not intend to move at all.

Time is now late noon when you realised that something is not right.

Oh no! What you have done for the day?! All the task that you want to do had gone to waste because you want to rest badly! What are you going to do?

Punish yourself? Cry? Blaming non-stop? Or continue resting like nothing had happened.

You have a choice to make it work right. Just do it then, complete the task now if you can. No more grumbling or crying over spilt milk. Nothing is going to change, the time will only move forward and not backwards.

Are you going to feel accomplished when the day had ended?

I bet you do.


Lying down is so wonderful

Excuses are not your answer

Just by lazing around, it only helps to make you lazier. We cannot sleep all day long because we will get more tired.

If you feel like doing exercise for the day, just do it, as like Nike slogan had always said so.

Do not find excuses because you want to be healthier and get into fitness and kill the lazy thoughts in your mind.

Always think of your motivation answer.

What is the end result are you getting and why?

The only time for you to rest the whole day and not doing anything will be the day you are falling sick and too weak to do anything. That is a good time for you to dream whole day with someone taking care of you.


Forget your rest, your kids will not allow

If you are a father, then you can totally forget about sleeping the whole day because the kids will be jumping on the bed and asking you to bring them out and play.

Those are the times you do not want to miss at all because you will not get those moment back when they are older.

Treat every moment happy and use it wisely.

Whether you going to do blogging, fix up your toys, producing music, doing art, watching movies with family  etc… Do not over think or wait for it to happen.

Get on your feet right now and kick the lazy angel away. It is not helpful at all.


Happy from start till end

Do you spend your time wisely or just sleep the whole day? Do you feel any accomplishment for the day?

It is not hard to get your sleepy and lazy thought away because it is all in your mind to fight it out.

Always start and end the day happily. It is important to stay happy and be positive.


Decision making, should we follow?

Who should we blame?

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We believe that we want someone to guide us when we are facing some difficulties in a decision.

When the guidance is wrong, we blame on the person who gave the suggestion, not ourselves who chose on our own.


It can be as simple as what should we eat later on to the most sensitive area – investing.

Who do not love suggestion?

Ultimately, we all love people who give a suggestion because sometimes we are just being lazy to think hard. And it is also easy to point a finger at someone else if anything goes south.

Easy does that, huh?


What happened if it involves with money?

If you have no idea which stock or forex pairs to buy, just shun away. Do not learn to take other people suggestions and follow suit. Because everyone have their own method, and it may not cater to everyone hunger.

Instead of seeing profits, you are losing money because you chose to follow instead of doing your own analysis. But you blame yourself for following when you know you are on the right track!

That means you are lacking confident.


Decision making is important

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Do not let other people distract you unless you want to follow it.

If you want to succeed in life and your business, learn to take decision instead of taking other people advises and follow blindly.

The keyword is followed blindly because there are always good advises you can listen. But make sure you do your homework before deciding.


When we take the suggestion and decided to proceed with it, we must learn to accept the wrong decision even though you analysed correctly. There is no perfect in this world, so we must learn to accept some pain in life.

Life is a piece of chocolate, as the famous quote had said.

But there are always sweet and the bitter type, if you can start to love the latter, it means you had surpassed that level of pain. “I will make back later.”

One must not learn to dwell over the past. We should look forward to the greater good in future.


Faith lies on our hand, choose to listen and analyse or choose to follow blindly which is the easier way out.

We all have a choice to make but with a wise decision.


Failure is a lesson to learn

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All of us want to be successful and love the easy way out. The simpler, the better.

If you are a boss of your own, take as many pointers as possible. Because there are some pointers that may not suit you well.

But no one can guarantee that it will be successful, it is the risk you have to take.

Sometimes, you just have to fail to understand structure because experience counts,


If anyone can survive without a failure, it means that the person is either being spoon fed or just blindly follow orders. He or she will never understand the meaning of failure to gain experience.

Failure can be big or small, now or later.

Even Warren Buffet have his failure when acquiring companies that he is eyeing on. All of us are not the god or fortune teller.

Whether you are self-employed, a blogger, a DJ, musician, trader, designer, singer etc, do not cry over spilt milk when you are having crossroad in life.

Rather than self pity yourselves, failure will make you even stronger.



The hunger that may kills

Hungry over food

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Who can resist the feast of food on the table?

Ever wonder that when you are extremely hungry and hoping that you can finish all the items as soon as possible?

But there is something that we have forgotten always – limitation.


While we are very hungry and wanted to finish up the food, we must know that our stomach has a limitation of how much it can contain. It may lead to overeating if we keep on eating non-stop.

What will be the aftermath for that cause?

Indigestion, vomiting, headache and giddy etc… Especially for those who are under medication, you have an answer that to yourself. It is not going to be nice.


Apart from consuming of food, there are so many examples about (over) hunger may kill without limitation.



Hungry over design

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Most of the things had gone simple and easy to understand. Clean and slick is something everyone is looking for, especially on designing of the poster, interior house, photography etc.

In the past, everyone falls in love with Adobe so much that they put in a lot of effort putting in so many elements that create the extreme design concept.

After a period of times, designer and creative director intend to make it simple as much as possible.  It is let people focus on what they want to tell, share and show.

It is better to be straight to the point than making guesses.

So, what does greed get into it?

For example, a poster that a designer is designing. The output looks terrific because it is so clean and everyone can understand very well. But he felt hungry and wanted to add on more so that he feel that the emptiness will not be there.

In the end, face palmed himself when the colleague started making so many negative comments that he was so surprised of.

Did he do a bad job or did he put in too many elements that ‘destroyed’ the initial look?



Hungry over investing


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Design can revert to the original creation, but there is some stuff that it cannot.

That will be investing.

Anyone can invest, but which one are you comfortable with? Business or stock/ forex market?

You get excited because of your first investment and it is making good money.

You started to branch out as many investments as possible because you never thought that it is so easy to make money this way and you decided to put in a lot of money.

Without prior knowledge of any product, you bang for luck to come.


Your hunger has no limitation. It is telling that you are always hungry and wanted it more. Of course, the more the merrier, the higher the risk it will be.

Not every day is Sunday, there will be a thunderstorm and it will happen.

When you look at the business account or portfolio, you started to worry. Why am I not earning profits and instead getting so much loss and it is not very healthy at all!

We must understand one thing – learn when to stop and withdraw necessary. Or rather, take your losses to prevent it from falling it down further. It is very unhealthy for your account. No one like losing, but sometimes, we just have to accept it.


Move up again another time. Don’t brood over the losses.


Better to feel the pain now than getting your wound deeper.



While we feel hungry, we must know our own limitation as not to go overboard. We will be greedy instead of being hungry.

Late founder Steve Job once said, stay hungry stay foolish.

He wanted to make his foolish thought to make it happen by staying hungry. He once turned greed and revert again. This is how he is so successful.