Everyone deserve an opportunity

Most of us love to look for an opportunity to give ourselves a better life. We ask around friends who might give us that, but they often rejected by saying things like” Nah.. you cannot do this or do that” “You do not have the experience to do that”.

It is tiring to hear that because they also do not have the experience from the start.

Everyone need to practise and learn because they have no prior experience in working life as there are a lot of things that cannot be taught in the school.

If no one is willing to give you an opportunity, there will be no one working in the certain sector.

I always believe in learning through experience. Do you?


You are looking for work and most of your friend rejected helping you because they wanted to be better than you in many folds although they may not know it by themselves. Because those benefits are just too overwhelming and by their action, they prefer to keep it for themselves.

If a person is willing to share, they will do a recommendation few months after in the workplace. If not, please do not waste your time because your friend will be walking away from you, or rather, it is fated that you cannot work in that industry.

Some people love to stand high and feel on top of the world because they like it a lot. But they guard themselves away by recommending friends in. Although there is no obligation to help, but a person nature can be seen clearly.


Do not pin high hope because it hurts badly.


When people are not willing to give you an opportunity, it does not means that you should the same thing back to others. Why follow others and betray your kindness in heart. What comes around, goes around.

They may be up there looking down on you, but there will be a day they look up upon you.

The more you help, the better you are.

Things do not change immediately but it takes times.

Everything is about patience and discipline. Good things will accumulate and it will slowly give you tonnes of good opportunity in future.

It will take a while to understand this knowledge when you are not really that clear. By having your mind at ease, you will find an answer to what had happened to you before.

Everyone deserve an opportunity unless they decided to give up on themselves.


Why keeping mind empty is better

When things are not getting your way, you love to make a fuss that things are JUST not going your way.

How much you tried, the result will not appear and you started to question yourself with a lot of why in your mind.

That results in you to turn a little crazy because you started talking to yourself and keep on blaming and hitting yourself when things are just not right.

This type of psychology burden is not abnormal at all. Because we cannot control our mind well enough to let it control us.

In the other word, this is call stress.


We started imagining things that did not happen at all and start assuming this and that.

Family members started having a fear of you because you are not in your usual you.

The stress keeps on getting you and you have no way out to take a breather. You feel like no one can understand your situation because they are not the one who are facing this problem.

In the other hand, it is true that no one is facing the same problem as you. Unless this house turns into mental health institute.

Sometimes it is good to sit down and close your eyes by NOT thinking any other things. It is good for your brain to feel the relaxation mode.


It is not even meditation you need to do because you will bound to fail it.

All you need is to sit on the couch,  close your eyes and get your body rested comfortably.

If you happen to fall asleep, so be it. That is the real purpose! Sleep comfortable with no tension in mind. It is ideal if the place is very quiet. Best to recuperate your mind because there is too much tension that caused you having lots of tension and anxiety.

Work is stress, but do not let it control you because this is very unhealthy for the entire family.


Passion voice

Passion voice

Passion voice

Hey! Do you know something had been trying to whisper in your ear but you simply ignore it unknowingly!

It is hard to hear this little voice because of its low volume. We live day by day and we did not know the existence until we sit down and think with deep thought.

This tiny little voice is trying to tell you to go for your passion and do not throw it away!

Aren’t we ashamed of ourselves when we are too busy earning money and working hard that we neglect our passion?


Happiness gets you moving

To me, passion is happiness.

It is the passion that gets us moving forward.

We wanted to do something that we love. If we are able to achieve it, we will be on cloud nine, and that is the sort of happiness I hope everyone will have. It will keep your stress free.

If you wanted to learn piano, go for it despite how old you are! You got to keep on practising playing it if you want to be good!

Of course, don’t expect yourself to play like a real professional pianist because of our finger flexibility.


I have a great interest in piano so I decided to learn it by myself and started step by step. I am not musically trained, but because I have passion towards music production, I eventually studied audio engineering course and self-taught on producing dance music!

Passion grow from our heart and mind. It is good if you started since young. When we grow older, we would want to pursue something we been missing out. It is not because we do not want it anymore, it is just that we are parking there for a time being until it is time to release the handbrake!


Passion test

I attended the passion test with a group of people before.

The test is straight forward and fun because we get to ask each other question after writing 15 things we wanted to do/ be in future. It is like setting what is your goal.

From the 15 lists, we will pick 2 of it and ask the partner to choose which one they prefer. Imagine you are torn by the 2 lists you wanted to do? You MUST give up one of them. From the final 5 you chose, you have to rank it which are the most priority.

And that will be your answer you wanted the most.


Is passion very strong?

Of course! If you do not have it, you will find it very hard to do well in future! Passion get you going and no matter how tough it is, you will be able to overcome it!

Passion get you going and no matter how tough it is, you will be able to overcome it! Because of the love towards the thing you like, you will feel contented if it is been solved or completed.

It is important you have your own passion, so do not let anyone thrash it down because they think differently from you. Always have positive peers to receive better energy!

Start today, find out what is your passion!



Are you a pressure cooker?

Are you a pressure cooker?

Have you been in the situation that you are the pressure cooker that wanted to release the steam?

The pressure stress is so huge that it can explode anytime of the day.  Was it right to release it?

In my previous post, I had mentioned about the negativity and it is hard to hold on your positivity even when things are not getting your way.

I am embarrassed. I had recently blown my top due to some pressured I am facing.

Instead of putting on my smile, I frowned the entire day because I needed to be alone and rethink what is it going on wrong with my method. I am psychology burned, it is so hard to breathe properly because my mind is filled with anger that I felt giddy! Was it high blood?



When something isn’t going on right, I burst my mood and started scolding people. I was shocked at my reaction.

Should that even happen that way?

Of course not. If I am clear minded, strong with my mind, I should not be behaving this way. Because I am self-blaming.

If I am clear minded, strong with my mind, I should not be behaving this way. This is all because I am self-blaming for all the wrong things and pressure I am facing right now.

It is almost brain-dead.

Knowing that it is my own fault, why would other people share my sorrow? No one will never know that feeling ever as I had mentioned before. So it is important that we stand up and try it again despite many failures.

It does not hurt you if you intend to scold people again. It only hurt when you started pushing the blame to other people where you are denying the fact you are actually in the wrong! This is so shameful.

Instead of having a good day together, I had created a bad and gloomy day. Does everyone feel fine and act as if nothing happened?

All I want to say is : “Do you think they care?”


I picked up a book and start reading and the same old thing is reflecting at me again. Anger and pressure cooker.

I do not want to follow that route. I just want to be a happy person who is worry free even though it can be tough.

Only positivity will attract good energy, and that means luck as well.

Being a person who always frown, angry, jealous and blaming, I think luck will take a U-turn when they see your negativity energy face.


Letting go everything

Just like I had said regarding the pressure cooker. I literally let go everything, and it is wrong to do that. So how can we remain calm in that situation? Unless you are the deity , who can let go everything in your mind.

We can’t be emotionless because we are a human being who are filled with affection and emotion. We response to happy and sadness that happen around us.

We feel sorrow if someone we knew met a mishap or serious stuff that had happened in this world.

But we have to learn to let go and move forward.

Whatever had been broken cannot be fix, all we can do is to ensure that the crack will not go further. We must give a helping hand to one another who needed each other.


Helping hand

Start by listening to music and do something you like and pre-warn others that you are not in the mood.

Go do something that you like – playing games , watching TV or reading a book.

Just be alone.

People who know your style should shun away or console if something is not right. If not, get prepared to get triggered by the negative bomb.

Your family is innocent, so try to endure the anger if possible even though it is comfortable if you let go everything. Something will happen later on if you disregard this piece of advice.

Always find a listening ear who can talk to you. It can be your email pal, friend or some forum that may help you a lot if you are meeting some cross road. A geniune positive help is always beneficial for both parties because they can learn from each other either way! It look good if it is from different country because that’s the challenge! Always dare to accept it!

Of course, I am more than happy to listen to you if you needed to.


How negative will make you lose confidence

How negative will make you lose confidence

It is so tough. I do not think I can do it. Besides, how about I give up now? I do not wish to spend my time further when I have no idea what is the outcome going to be.

Here we go again.

We are surrounded by people who are a lack of confidence and decided to give up now because they are afraid that they will get hurt more.

But they do not know that good things are waiting for them if they hang on longer.


It is tired and in pain, really.

I know that very well because I am one of them too before.

When you meet a crossroad, all you have to do is to sit down and think which route will be better.

Lay everything out in front of you and do your own analysis.

Even if it failed, at least tell yourself that you had tried it before. Live with no regrets. There is nothing to feel sore when you have no confidence at all.


Lack of confidence feel like a loser

No one is born to be a loser, only if you do not try it and give up easily.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are in the same category as you as well.

But you have to understand that nobody is going to care or bother how bad shape you are in. Even if you doing self-pity will not help. Friends will shun away immediately because you are producing negativity energy.

Ask yourself, approach or walk away if your friend is so depressing? If you have a big heart, you will sit down and talk it out with your friend and help within your own means.

Remember this, there is always someone around helping when you are feeling really down. Hence the reason we have social volunteers helping one another.



Nothing is impossible.

Every possibility lies on our hand. Whether you want to make or do it rely on you.

No one can force you doing something you hate. It is your own choice to choose.

You cannot blame someone blindly when you choose wrongly. It acts as if you are not at fault.


Accepting suggestion is a good start

Learn to take suggestion light hearted because not all of them are suitable for you because everyone mentality is different.

One apple cannot fit in all type of container. Do not force it in as it will result in the apple to be crushed, this is how your confidence level drop as if you are jumping out of the plane.

Everyone meant well, want you to be brave and stand firm. If you cannot listen to it, walk away and cool down yourself.

End of the day, you still have to face it and deal with it. Running will never solve the problem, it will only accumulate more trouble.



Once you had walked out of that dark shadow. Nothing will get into your mind, especially the negative energy.

Slap it away, pal! That energy should disperse into thin air and never come back to you.

Learn to smile every day and to everyone.

It is important people see you happily.

Have fun and a good ay!

The power of day dream into personal gain

The power of day dream into personal gain

Are you one of those who love to day dream that you want to own a lot of things? It can range from the smallest item from a box of colorful pencils to the high range value like owning an exotic cars or luxury home?

Fret not, you are not alone. In fact, there are people who have this thinking before and they are not ashame to share.

When you have this thought in your mind, do you feel the happiness in your mind that you feel like you are on top of the world?

Live and act like one even though you may not own them. It is not a crime to think that way. Call me silly if it please you. So long as I feel happy in my mind, why not? But can I make it into my personal gain?


If you really want to own either of those, you know what you have to do. Work hard, and extra harder than anyone else. But do not neglect your health and make those happiness into saddness feeling because you asked for it.

All of us have a dream and we constantly fighting for it.

We must not feel envy or jealous because we have no time for that. Either you carry on being happy in dream or you go for it. These are the two choices you can take. Unless you want to be grougy every day. How sad!


The more we think of it, the happier we are.

Hence I call it the magic numbers.

Magic numbers always appear in our mind and we are surrounded by them always. Remember what I had said, owning a lot of things.

The more money I have, the more items I can buy. Money is number in currency.

More plugins I have in my music software, I can do wonders. Plugins are number in quantities.

More trades I invested, more money I have in my account. Trading quantities are number in account.

More blog I write, I can attract more traffics. Blog traffics are number in visitors.

You see, we cannot escape the numbers.

In sport, the lesser timing you get, the faster you are. It is also numbers.

Monk live simplicity and they love to help. But they also cannot escape the fact that the more people they help, the greater the number it is going to be.


Numbers can be weighted as in value.

The value can be monetary or merits. So long as you are happy doing it without causing any harms, I am sure that everyone will be contented in their life.

Right now, my direction is to weight my number in merits by helping more people within my means. In personal gain, I would like to push my number by producing more musics and my photo audio video.

I would like to transform it from dreaming to reality. I am sure you will do it too!