Do the golden 30min!

Do the golden 30min!

How can we benefit ourselves to the best 30min of our day? It is not difficult because we must learn how to be more discipline and occupy our time wisely despite our schedule being so tight.

You will be wondering why your friends are able to accomplish their stuff even when they are so busy!

It is because they have strong mindset; they want to accomplish their daily task.


Your health will be affected if you have no time to exercise due to the busy schedule at work. It is not worth to get your health going down the hill.

Henceforth, we must try the golden 30min to an hour of discipline! You may not need to do this daily, but it is important you stick to thrice a week of exercising for just 30min!

If there is something you want to accomplish soon, always spend your golden 30min to do it daily so that you can complete what is needed.

For example, I am into painting recently and I have a painting that is unfinished now. So, I will be utilising my golden 30min time frame and start painting according to the numbering shown on the canvas.

Once I have completed part of the painting, I will give myself a break by showing a show before I decided to blog now. Because I realised that I have not been blogging for a long time! Hence, I will use this extra golden 30min to finish this blog!

I know I will be able to do it.



It is not difficult to accomplish this 30min unless you decided to give up this simple rules.

I have tried a lot of ways to get myself pick up and all of them failed because I have no discipline at all.

No matter how busy you are, it is very important you must do something that you always looking for it. If you are not able to fork out that golden 30min, then you will face a lot of stress and the pressure inside of you will go bust!

It does not worth that bust, please remember that.

Our life should be happy and contented, not anger, jealous and angry.

These are negative to our life. They are not welcome at all. Learn how to spend your golden 30min wisely so that you feel so happy!


Like I had shared about my painting progress, I will show you my progress until the day I completed. I am so excited about the end result.

But do bear in mind that I am not painting every day because I also want to ensure I touch my music production as well!

Yes, you did not hear wrongly! I produce my own music too, and I am not willing to give up on that because of my first love to music.

When it is time to come to music production, I will be spending more than 30min finding the correct beat and melody! I am not piano trained, therefore I am slower than others because of my lack of music theory. I only trust my ear and feel for music.

This is my latest music production that I had produced recently.

Please like and share!


I do not give up my love, so I will be looking forward to more productions that come into my mind.

The rules of golden 30min are very powerful, so do not break the discipline too soon! Maintain that and you will be fine. Let’s go for it!

Learn how to stop saying bad luck

Learn how to stop saying bad luck

It is a fine day, to begin with.

Putting on your clothing and started smiling in the mirror. The reflection is saying that you look great!

Walking to the dining table, intend to sip a cup of coffee.

You coughed. And you spill your coffee on your favourite shirt!

The coffee stain is big and it is impossible to clean it off now.

You started mumbling:” What a day! I started feeling bad luck!”


When the bad luck happens

Your mood changed. You felt that bad luck will come to you very soon.

The happy and glowing face had turned into a thunderstorm.

You frowned, started cursing and swearing over a coffee spill that you did not want that to happen.

Hence, you decided to change another shirt that does not look good enough. It was not ironed properly. Totally the heck care attitude.

Time is running out and you have an important meeting to attend to.

You have just activated the blaming mode.

Will that go to be a bad day for you, or you wanted to carry on your smiley day?



Change your attitude

You cannot accept what had just happened.

You have a meeting to attend to and you felt embarrassed that your shirt might not look good enough to present.

This does not go anywhere.

The attitude of yours change suddenly and you seem hostile towards to anyone who tries to talk to you.

It is at the point of time people started to take a few steps away from you because they do not want to be influenced by you.

Your colleague will still carry on their daily routine and stay positive. It is bad to have your negative energy spread to others.

If this goes on for days, colleagues will be wary fo you. It is as if you are a walking time bomb.

As they do not want to see you blown off suddenly, they rather stay far away from you and remain as a just colleague and nothing more.

There will be no close colleague in the office whom you can share your feeling.

If you keep thinking of all the bad luck will come, then all of them will come to you.



Looking at the bigger picture is comfortable

There are people who look at the scenario as it is.

It is as if you are holding a crop factor camera with a nice 24mm lens. You cannot enjoy the wide photo as you desired.

However, if you are willing to take a step back, you will get almost the same wide angle like a full frame camera.

It is all about willingly to make an effort so that you are able to see the bigger picture.

Like the scenario, I had just written.

Despite the coffee spilt on the shirt, you like best, you may not know that the other shirt might look even better on you.

Also, the client might not notice your shirt at all. What they need is your presentation, not your shirt. You are not a model that walk on the runway.

If you continue to put on your smiley face, the chances of client love your presentation is very high.

Even if there is an amendment to be made, they will talk to you properly instead of slamming on the table and ask you to get out.

So, stop saying you have bad luck and start learning how to stop saying bad luck.



Thunderstorm is not forever

With the positive energy generating from you, you will get lots of encouragement, liking and trust from everyone.

Tell yourself something.

Do you want to see a person who has a sulking face and not willing to talk to you or prefer a person who is smiling non-stop and cracking jokes?

Although something has changed, it does not means the day has to be bad.

Thunderstorm will pass over very soon.

The bright sunny day will appear.

It is time to think again and refocus what you just missed.

You will not be surrounded by bad luck forever.

Only by thinking positive, then all the negative energy will disperse in the air.

The more you think about the bad luck, the more you will have. So you have to learn to stop saying bad luck unless you really wanted to attract that.



Attract happy people

If you had a rough morning, it is not important that you must stay firm and be cheerful.

There is no point sulking over a small matter that can be resolved in a few minute.

Even if you want to rant, well, c’mom, we are all human and we do feel good to rant once a while. Do not let your anger continue for more than 2hrs if you want a happy day ahead.

We must attract happy people together, so that all of us will have a good day ahead.

Tell the bad luck to move off, because it is none of their business to be beside you.


Photo by Omar Prestwich on Unsplash

How to keep myself motivated?

Stress is the killer

Do you believe that stress is one of the hidden killers?

When a person is a stress, there are a lot of things that may start to happen. Our lifestyle, interaction and health will be affected.

Therefore, you have to keep yourself motivated by doing things that you like and keep the stress away from you as far as possible.

While this may seem difficult, it is better to learn how to do it in a proper way.


We cannot avoid stress because of how the world evolve. Work stress is one of the killers because you are fighting the fire every day in order to get promoted with better pay.

Even when you get promoted, you are faced with lots of challenge because the higher you go, the more pressure you will face. Unless you are the biggest boss who hires all the intelligent to work things out for you.

There is no free lunch in this world. You just dig in more and more.

You are unknowingly getting health issue if you do not start to take care of yourself.

Pressure tension

Every family has their own difficulties – health and financial and also dealing with in-laws etc.

The pressure you faced at work is more than enough to get you a headache, but you get tensed out when family members are giving lots of unnecessary problems.

There is a countless problem that a person can share.

No matter how tough the life is, we have to motivate ourselves to move forward.


Everyone is tired when they reach their peak limit. They can no longer hold on and feel like scolding everyone else. It is just like a sergeant major going around pin point your mistake.

No matter how well you are doing, you will never get a compliment at all. Scolding is the only thing you receive.

Things will go on and on without ending if a person is feeling too stress.

Wild imagination flocking in their brain and thought that the world is literally against them.

Give a helping hand

If you notice anyone if facing that. It is important to guide he or her to relax their mind before something real hurt is going to happen.

It may take a long time for a person to listen to you, so umpteen tries is a must.

If they are willing to listen, it is important to engage them for 30min to an hour away from everything and relax.

By relaxing, it is not about sleeping it through, it is relaxing our mind to feel comfortable.

4 better ways to ease your stress

  1. Meditation works effectively if you can calm your inner soul. Think of nothing and keep your mind blank for 15min at the start. Set a soft alarm to keep track of time. If you cannot keep it blank, think of a beautiful sunset by the tree.
  2. Yoga almost the same as mediation because of staying calm and relaxation. You can stretch all your tired muscle and keep your focus by balancing yourself. Relaxing music will help during your yoga exercise.
  3. Walk on the beach.  If you listen to new age music or any soothing music before, you will notice the sound of waves, raindrop and soft waterfall. These sound are proven to help you ease the tension in your mind. You can find them on Youtube or even relax on the beach listening to it. It is great to have sea breeze as well.
  4. Essential Oil. The fragrance of essential oil helps you to feel relax. You can use it as above mentioned. It can be applied anytime of the day. A good essential oil will help to bring benefit for your body. So it is important not to choose cheap or synthetic oil.

We must learn to feel relax and let go of our tension to avoid any harm to our health. Some might be life threatening if we do not take care well.

Eating healthy but with overloaded of stress might cause you to have other problem too. Our mind is one of the most powerful elements in our body. If it cannot overcome the amount of stress you have now, it will be defeated badly.  One led to another.

It is not a fun thing feeling so the stress of work daily. Nobody like it. It is you to pick a choice by moving on. Resign and move to another sector that might bring you happiness. Remember, money does not buy happiness.

You have to motivate yourself to stand up and choose the path of happiness.


Why saving up is a gem

This is a good read when one of my friends posted this link on the social feed.

How to save even further despite retired at the age of 28 with million in the bank?

What is the true gem in this article?

We do have friends starting to say things:

“It is impossible to retire in this country”

“Of course she is rich and she can do anything she want”

“Easy saying… doing is so hard!!!”

“I wish she gone through the shit we are in as well”

Well, we cannot deny the fact most of the people are very jealous of the 28-year-old lady.

As written in the article, she has investment and also saved up quite a big percentage because she wants to pursue her dream since school day.

It is not wrong to follow your dream.


Get used item isn’t a bad idea

If you have strong discipline, you might be in the same shoe as her.

Let’s not compare how much you and she are earning per year, but how to learn to save and not to buy impulsively.

I cannot deny the fact that we can be materialistic because we really love the first-hand item but I was taken back when there are quite a number of people does not mind 2nd hand items after I had open my Carousell account.

Having 2nd hand stuff is not a bad thing so long as it is still good in condition. You will save a lot more and might be thrilled when the items are near new! Bang for big buck, why not? It is a gem!

If there is a need to buy a new thing, you just have to.

The more you earn, the more you spend

This saying is pretty true.

Earn more, spend more.

Browsing over your Facebook page, you started to notice some of your high earning power friends starting to splurge on luxurious goods, cars, watch, high-class restaurant etc.. This is good for building the economy but one must watch out how they spend.

No matter how much you are earning, it is very important you save up for rainy days and stay humble how you intend to share in your social feed.

We have friends who love luxury items because they feel that they wanted to own it after their years of hard work. It is the sense of belonging when they got it in their arms.

After a few months, this sense of belonging is no longer getting noticed. It is nice to own one, but you have balance the feeling – do you want it or need it?

Worth of your work hourly

I love how Livingston gave an example of buying an iPhone.

Let’s say your cost-per-hour comes out to $20. That means a new $700 iPhone would shake out to 35 hours worth of work. A $100 night out would cost five ours. A $40 blouse would run you two hours worth of work. Ask yourself: Is the purchase worth it?

Unless it is something you really need it, then I would think that I will skip this.

For example, you have your blouse torn and beyond sew, or your phone went dead and you need to contact your client.

While for some, they will just want chase over new technology or fashion – phone, gaming rig, cars, jewellery etc. Just for the sake of being the first and own it, then chuck them one side after feeling bored.

It is a good practice to save and not overspend.

If you have the extra money, always keep a lookout for investment to grow your account. Everyone love that!

Do your homework before you get yourself burnt by the market or conman out there.




Why gloomy weather is good?

Why gloomy weather is good?

Gloomy storm day

A thunderstorm is coming, heavy dark cloud above us was moving fast. The shape of the cloud was twirling as if it is going to form a twister.

Strong gust of wind were making the tree branches flying up and down as if they were dancing vigorously.

Leaves on floor were flying all around.

The wind might even help us change our hairstyle while walking on street.

The sky is turning darker than before and all the cars have to turn on their headlight to see what is in front of them to prevent any accident.


Rain droplets started to fall down bit by bits. The drop seem heavy and big as they are falling very fast. The sound of the rain hitting everywhere – building, cars, windows and even our skin.

Within few minutes, these few droplets had turned into an army and wash you down if you are still looking for shelter.

The dry road started to fill with puddles of water.  Everyone start running with the sound of clapping, vehicles passing by the water splash onto the pavement.


Mood of the person

If a person is in bad mood, this is definitely a gloomy weather.

When the person is a relaxing mode, they will enjoy themselves by hiding themselves at home and rest, watching a movie and doing something they like in the shelter.

If you are a positive type of person, this will means that the road had been washed clean for you to continue the journey ahead.


No one like to go out with their clothes been wet. But sometime we have to brace through the storm to get on to our journey.


A gloomy stormy weather does not tell you to stop what you are doing. It is telling you to hold on for a while before deciding you wanted to go ahead despite the wet weather.

There will be sunshine after the rain. Road will start to dry up and everyone will come out from the shelter and start walking, cycling or even jogging on street.

The storm will not go on forever.

No matter how tough you have to go through, there will be sunshine afterwards.

It may not be now, but it will come eventually if you hold on to your positive thought.


Negative thought, negative thinking

Being negative will not get you far because whatever you said will be useless. Nothing will help unless you change your mind set.

There are people willing to come out from the dark because they finally see through it in their life. They want to be better than before. Not hiding in the shadow and blame on every single things.

Happiness will not drop from sky unless you keep smiling to everyone.

Whenever I see storm is coming, it always remind me of cooling wet weather that made me feel comfortable and then sunshine will shine on us to be better.

Smile and stay happy.



Photo credit: flickr

Happy Chinese New  Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

The year of Rooster will bring a lot of good luck and fortune for everyone so long as you believe in it.does not get affected by what the Feng Shui Master said.

Do not get affected by the Feng Shui Master said if the year is not too smooth for you. Everyone will face it because there is 12 zodiac sign.

Say more auspicious wordings and enjoy the family times to bring good fortune.

May the more red packet you give, the more you receive.


Last but not least, may you huat huat huat!

Good fortune for everyone!