What does this music video tell us on our action? Do you feel any regret?

Although the music sounded very nice (they have a beautiful voice as well), it also tells us the aftermath result according to our rash action.

Nobody, including you and me, would like to receive a very bad response after what we have done.


Have we ever thought of slowing down first before taking things into action?

This is all because we feel very angry at that time and there is an urge to get back by punishing the person first! You feel great by doing that because this is how you want things to happen. You do not care about other people feeling as well.


Why must we not make a decision during quarrel?

We know that quarrel is bad because we love to use beautiful languages against each other.

Family, friends or own spouse, when you start the fire, be prepared that the fire will escalate like a fire ball.

Be careful what you said during the fight because the other party will take it very seriously.

This is one of the reason why you are single, all because you do not know when to stop!


After you had said your piece, you realised that there are words that cannot be used at all.

Yes, pop a champagne, you just got yourself into trouble.

Count yourself lucky if you can save the relationship, if not, go make yourself tired in the gym and have a good night sleep.


More you argue, more regrets you may have later.

This type of scenario is so easy to be found on TV drama when either one of the party is quarrelling!

It is so embarrassing when you realised that both of you are quarrelling over a small matter that can be resolved! Do you need to fire up more?



Learn to cool your mind

C’mom, know your limitation during a fight.

Either you stop right now, or regret later.

If it is a situation that cannot be resolved, then that’s it!

Walk off with style! You do not need to create a ho-ho drama for everyone to see, then the next moment, both of you are so famous over the internet!


Do not let bad temper overcome you because you may not be able to control yourself.

Stay quiet and take a deep breath.

Explain the situation rather than using a loud tone that may lead to misunderstanding.

Do not say what you mean. This is one of the worst disaster ever!


Happy is positive

Now you see, things can be solved easily and the day can be happier if you choose to react slowly and do not get jumpy.

Do not let the day end with fight and quarrel, because this is unnecessary.

What we want is a joyful day to start with and also to end too.

Everyone going home happy and always looking forward to going out together.

Smile more and everything will be great. If you are a person that like to be grumpy and angry, you will be alone and feel regret that why you want to show attitude to anyone who tried to approach you.

A Happy person is attractive, they are much positive and always peaceful.