Patience test

You will be rewarded with patience because it is a big test for everyone.

But there is no definite answer when the future will come.

Some may be short term, while some have to wait for a long time.


To rush thing off isn’t a bad thing as well.

You have to be selective while rushing; going for an appointment, punctual in school or work etc, you must rush yourself as not to give a bad impression of yourself.

Hard paid off if you spend your time wisely.

If you rush your artwork, instead of getting the art to look complete, it might end up looking incomplete, fuzzy and messy. There is no feeling at all.

Art appreciator will walk away because of the negative feeling. Do you want to have an art piece that looks so busy at home?


Music composer often takes their times to write a beautiful melodic tune that everyone will feel comfortable and relax.

Every instrument adds into the music has its role to build up the tune.

If a composer does not care much about this details by rushing off to finish up the piece might turn out to be a trash instead.

The simplest the better.

Do not rush to complete the music, take your time to listen to make sure it sound good.


With lots of patience, you will be rewarded

But how?

You must be disciplined.


If you want to shack off your weight, you have to train yourself daily and eat lesser than the usual you.

By making research via online, you see the common keywords for you to start off is “cut down carbo”.

Being Asian, we love rice because we can pour our gravy on it and eat it like no tomorrow.

But there is risk for our health without knowing.

It is Sugar.


Regular meal is a must. Just try to cut down food intake bits by bits.

You must replace your rice if you are so in love with it.

And you not forget to exercise and drink lots of plain water.

While you are cutting down food intake, you must burn what is inside you.

Keep this discipline method, you will be healthier, cheerful and grateful that you can start wearing your clothing.


If you want to rush off to diet by taking supplementary, you are just over relying on pills.

That might make you continue to eat more as your brain send a wrong signal “Hey, I have supplement to burn your fats off. Just continue eating”

One day, you will find out that you will be putting on more weights after stopping the high costing pills.

Will it better if you start exercising that does not cost you a single cents?

We have YouTube video teaching you what exercise to do to lose weight.


You put in a lot of effort and stay disciplined on your routine.

Despite the turbulence, you gradually reaching your goal day by day.

This is the test we must all go through.

If you do not have the will power, you will failed the test, unless you are very focus and wanted to try it again.

No one will not know the outcome.

Only your mind power will help to overcome it.



Image credit:
Kristopher Roller