Feel gratitude when you receive help.

Feel gratitude when someone says a lot of positive words to you.

Feel gratitude when life is wonderful to you.


We have our down times.

And we have friends that may look down on you thinking you are one of the losers.

We also have series of bad luck happening again and again until you feel like giving up.


Are you going to surrender?


It is not a bad thing to think that you want to raise your white flag.

You are the end of the world and not knowing what to do next.

At the edge of the road, you are scared because you are the only person there and you may fall anytime soon.

With lots of worries in your mind and keep thinking negativity, there will be no help for you at all.

God may not appear right before you and tell you what to do.

You have to take 1 step backwards to ensure you are safe enough to sit down and think.



Have you taken a look around?

Did you notice how far are you from the sea since you are the edge of the route?

You started to notice everything.

There are material that you can make a boat and you can sail it off as soon as you make it, feel gratitude.

You also noticed that the sea is just 1 feet below the edge of the route. It is not deep at all.

That is not the end of the world.

Whenever we have a crisis in life, we must learn to take a look around and keep focusing what we are missing out.

Be happy that you think deeply and stay focused.



It may be hard to notice initially, but if we use our heart and mind as one and use it properly, we can make the impossible to possible.

Lots of trial does not make you lousier, it means you are using all kind of way to make sure it will work.

The only failure in life is those who choose to give up.

No matter how long you are trying, always choose “Do not give up”.



Feel gratitude when you have friends that do not give up on you.

They tried their best to help you within their means.

Despite so many complaints and they do not walk away are your true friends because they wanted you to succeed in life.

Negative friends are all over, choose them wisely and do not mix wrongly.

Friends that always say you cannot make it are those who do not want you to succeed.

Walk away and be careful of them.



Remember those who help you.

Learn to have gratitude because there will be karma if you turn against them.

Say thanks, share with them and help them to build up your kindness.

People who do not have gratitude will have ‘bad returns‘ in future.

Do not curse.

It will do you good when you learn to keep quiet.