Life of restart

I heard voices.

“Clean up the whole blog and restart, or you continue”

I had been waiting and thinking, thus the missing in action here.


I had decided with a smile on my face now.

Having no shame, I decided to keep it despite some of the content may not be suitable for everyone to read.


How many restarts do we have in life?

We can restart a game after dying many times, we can restart building our new life and move forward, but the pain and experience in our heart always remain the same.

Hence the reason I decided to continue this blog.


If there is time to make a change, we should do it before is running out.

Time passes very fast. It will not pause for you to make a change. Life still goes on despite how sad you are.

Everyone has to go through it.


Why does everyone say health is wealth?

It is not hard to think about it if you see the bigger view.

When a person health is going down hill, you will not get to enjoy it despite how rich you are.

With all the medicine pouring on you, you are drawn with all medical bills unknowingly and payment is painful.


Exercising make us look good and stay happy because you know that your fitness is getting a lot better than before.

Not only that, we are eliminating most of the illness by keeping healthy.

Keep smiling and we will be good and keep away from sickness.

Isn’t that health is wealth? We get to enjoy our life, remember that!


Complain all we want when we find out that our health is going down because we are lack of discipline.

Regret all we want. There is no way we can get back our health to the original stage.

We cannot restart it by moving our date back.

Instead, we have to move forward and deal with it.


Restarting is not a bad choice because this came from experience.

If there is a way to save it, use it wisely.

The alternative choice will be “Looking ahead”.

We can look back and learn from our mistake and not commit again.

We must not brood over it and stay negative as long as we want. This is bad for us.


Stay happy and cheerful.