How should I change my eating habit?

How should I change my eating habit?

Food to give energy

We cannot live without food because we need the energy to push ourselves forward. Like many of you, I love to eat food that is fried, sweet, baked steam, etc. Frankly speaking, I cannot resist food that I like a lot, of course, I do have some self-control.

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Asian food is delicious. Anything that is spicy will make me lost my self-control by having 2 servicing of rice! Curry chicken and tom yum are one of the best in my menu.

Knowing that I am putting on weight, I should refrain from eating too much for supper. I always have a sara-lee cake with milk, cereal milk or even chocolate rice cake while watching my TV show at night.

I have my limitation so I will gulp down a lot of water after this sinful and yummy food. Sugar is nice but also a killer. Best yet, I seldom exercise, so I continue to eat as if I am starving for days.


No self-discipline and lots of execuses

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I have no self-discipline when I wanted to exercise to lose weight. I find so hard to get the time to go out to jog, cycling or even swimming. I just sit in front of the computer looking at my music production and my forex chart.  I did T25 intensive circuit training or jogging and swimming. I have excuses – once I have an injury or find hard to find the time, I will just stop there and do not do anything.

One of my friends introduced me T25 because it is meant for weight losing and train your cardio. It is a very high intensive workout that helps you to shag off your weight. I did for a month and saw the result! I did slim down and my leg is much stronger than before.

As the training is pretty tough on my leg, I have to stop to rest so that I can recuperate my injury. That goes on for a week and I cannot catch up the rest of the training that last for 2 months. From then on, I stopped. That is one of the excuses. 


During my training, I did watch my diet as well and I am really happy. But, after I stopped the training, I almost went back to my glutton stage. And later on, it just goes worst. I was 103kg.

Every food that should not be wasted has gone in my tummy. I began to feel lethargic and felt very sleepy after my 3 in 1 coffee intake.

That was a year ago.

Things do not change, my eating habit goes haywire with no discipline at all.

I am getting lazier and exercise is just in my mind instead.


Something changed

I feel very tired and often having giddiness. I know that my body is doing some change and I begins to accept it because I know what is going on.

After seeing the doctor at my worst condition, I still do not feel any better until I gotten my blood test result after a week later.

I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic.


I know this day will come because of my eating habit. I literally ignored the sign last year when it was not so bad. With high sugar contained, it is normal that you feel sleepy after taking a cup of 3 in 1 coffee.

Since the day I was diagnosed, I tend to be very careful of my diet and watch out for those sugar intake.

In short, we have to take in carbo, but with strict amount of intake. Just walk away with those sugary drink.

If you are a 100 plus or any isotonic drink lover like me before, do avoid it when you are not exercising. This is one of the highest sugar contained!


Brand new diet start now

It is not the end when I realised that I have to change my diet. It is good, trust me.

I always love how people eat healthily but cannot stand that small amount or those vegetables (salad) because I will never feel full! Now I totally can relate to that.

Eating healthy is costly. So choose the meal carefully as not to let your wallet explode.

Apart from eating healthily, it is very important to get yourself into exercising! There is NO excuses anymore. Say now and not LATER.


If you did a web research, there are lots of healthy western food, what about asian food? What is the ok and not?

Fortunately, my wife managed to find out this website which might be able to help most of you out there.

25 Diabetes Friendly Local Foods to Eat in Singapore

We can EAT anything we want, so long as it is portion controlled! We are NOT supposed to over eat! It is the benefit of health.

So, for those out there, please do not blame or take a second look on us by throwing half of the food away. We have to take care of our eating habit.

Let’s be nice to ask the counter to give us lesser portion instead.


Stay healthy and start exercising today!


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