This is a good read when one of my friends posted this link on the social feed.

How to save even further despite retired at the age of 28 with million in the bank?

What is the true gem in this article?

We do have friends starting to say things:

“It is impossible to retire in this country”

“Of course she is rich and she can do anything she want”

“Easy saying… doing is so hard!!!”

“I wish she gone through the shit we are in as well”

Well, we cannot deny the fact most of the people are very jealous of the 28-year-old lady.

As written in the article, she has investment and also saved up quite a big percentage because she wants to pursue her dream since school day.

It is not wrong to follow your dream.


Get used item isn’t a bad idea

If you have strong discipline, you might be in the same shoe as her.

Let’s not compare how much you and she are earning per year, but how to learn to save and not to buy impulsively.

I cannot deny the fact that we can be materialistic because we really love the first-hand item but I was taken back when there are quite a number of people does not mind 2nd hand items after I had open my Carousell account.

Having 2nd hand stuff is not a bad thing so long as it is still good in condition. You will save a lot more and might be thrilled when the items are near new! Bang for big buck, why not? It is a gem!

If there is a need to buy a new thing, you just have to.

The more you earn, the more you spend

This saying is pretty true.

Earn more, spend more.

Browsing over your Facebook page, you started to notice some of your high earning power friends starting to splurge on luxurious goods, cars, watch, high-class restaurant etc.. This is good for building the economy but one must watch out how they spend.

No matter how much you are earning, it is very important you save up for rainy days and stay humble how you intend to share in your social feed.

We have friends who love luxury items because they feel that they wanted to own it after their years of hard work. It is the sense of belonging when they got it in their arms.

After a few months, this sense of belonging is no longer getting noticed. It is nice to own one, but you have balance the feeling – do you want it or need it?

Worth of your work hourly

I love how Livingston gave an example of buying an iPhone.

Let’s say your cost-per-hour comes out to $20. That means a new $700 iPhone would shake out to 35 hours worth of work. A $100 night out would cost five ours. A $40 blouse would run you two hours worth of work. Ask yourself: Is the purchase worth it?

Unless it is something you really need it, then I would think that I will skip this.

For example, you have your blouse torn and beyond sew, or your phone went dead and you need to contact your client.

While for some, they will just want chase over new technology or fashion – phone, gaming rig, cars, jewellery etc. Just for the sake of being the first and own it, then chuck them one side after feeling bored.

It is a good practice to save and not overspend.

If you have the extra money, always keep a lookout for investment to grow your account. Everyone love that!

Do your homework before you get yourself burnt by the market or conman out there.