Gloomy storm day

A thunderstorm is coming, heavy dark cloud above us was moving fast. The shape of the cloud was twirling as if it is going to form a twister.

Strong gust of wind were making the tree branches flying up and down as if they were dancing vigorously.

Leaves on floor were flying all around.

The wind might even help us change our hairstyle while walking on street.

The sky is turning darker than before and all the cars have to turn on their headlight to see what is in front of them to prevent any accident.


Rain droplets started to fall down bit by bits. The drop seem heavy and big as they are falling very fast. The sound of the rain hitting everywhere – building, cars, windows and even our skin.

Within few minutes, these few droplets had turned into an army and wash you down if you are still looking for shelter.

The dry road started to fill with puddles of water.  Everyone start running with the sound of clapping, vehicles passing by the water splash onto the pavement.


Mood of the person

If a person is in bad mood, this is definitely a gloomy weather.

When the person is a relaxing mode, they will enjoy themselves by hiding themselves at home and rest, watching a movie and doing something they like in the shelter.

If you are a positive type of person, this will means that the road had been washed clean for you to continue the journey ahead.


No one like to go out with their clothes been wet. But sometime we have to brace through the storm to get on to our journey.


A gloomy stormy weather does not tell you to stop what you are doing. It is telling you to hold on for a while before deciding you wanted to go ahead despite the wet weather.

There will be sunshine after the rain. Road will start to dry up and everyone will come out from the shelter and start walking, cycling or even jogging on street.

The storm will not go on forever.

No matter how tough you have to go through, there will be sunshine afterwards.

It may not be now, but it will come eventually if you hold on to your positive thought.


Negative thought, negative thinking

Being negative will not get you far because whatever you said will be useless. Nothing will help unless you change your mind set.

There are people willing to come out from the dark because they finally see through it in their life. They want to be better than before. Not hiding in the shadow and blame on every single things.

Happiness will not drop from sky unless you keep smiling to everyone.

Whenever I see storm is coming, it always remind me of cooling wet weather that made me feel comfortable and then sunshine will shine on us to be better.

Smile and stay happy.



Photo credit: flickr