Why confident person fail

Confident Brian

There is this guy named Brian. He is the type of person who learns things fast and he will go all the way to understand it well once he is confident.

Like others, he also has setbacks.

No one is born with a silver spoon and led the life happily ever after.

So Brian picks himself up, learning a lot of things to ensure he is on the right track.

Things are not easy as he thought because he does not have a personal mentor.

The only way out is to stay hardworking and being smart.


Was it a success or a failed?

Indeed, he is a smart type of person who can understand quicker than others.

Once he gains the knowledge, he will be on his own to test his ability.

Is he successful?

Apparently, the success rate is merely 10%.

Emotionally strained and tired. He took a deep breath and started all over again and again.


He thought once he has the knowledge from the mentor, he can start to share with everyone.

Just want to be another mentor to train up the others.

Once again, he failed.

The success rate remains the same until one day, he began to see through certain missing point he had missed out.


Seeking more mentors

And again, he seeks for another mentor to train him up.

With his good memory and fast learning ability, he found his gem mentor.

It does not mean the previous mentor is bad. It is just that their method might not work out well for him.


He sees his success rates are climbing up and he is so proud of it!

There is nothing wrong to share that.

But something had gone wrong about him.


Start of arrogant and over confident

The way he begins to mentor the others seem like he is high above the rest.

The challenge and questioning seem to hit others hard where he does not feel it at all.

But one must remember to stay humble to gain the respect.

If Brian wanted to be the type of “Mr Know It All”, he will soon annoy a lot of people.


There are risks for everything we do. No one can see the future, let alone predicting.

Brian may have a lot of confident and that is a good sign.

But he must remember that being arrogant and over confident will kill a person faster.

“Over confident people will put more risk because they begin to feel greedy.”

Nothing wrong with it.

The only problem will be a slap in the face because you show the direction that is wrong.

He might not fail drastically because he knows his own plan. All the why and how are in his head.

Definitely, he will get back fast.

But will he tone down his overconfident, though?

Always remain to stay humble and nice if Brian wanted to gain the respect.