The time is running out

It is counting down.

You know that you do not have much time left on this earth.

While there are many things that you want to do, you can only be selective.

Rushing against time is tiring, but you know that you are left with no choice.

Keep yourself busy because you do not want to feel sad and knowing what is next.

No one can tell you the answer about the afterlife. This is the path you have to walk on your own.

It is depressing but you do not want your beloved to feel sad as well.

Every day is like a ticking bomb because you have no idea when this bomb will trigger.

Even the timer had shown it to you, how accurate can that be?


Limited time

You have to stand firm and keep it positive. Nothing should hunt you down because this is the only way to prolong your time.

Life goes on despite the limited time you have.

Whether you can accomplish the things you have on your list, always accomplish the most important items.

You will not have many regrets afterwards.


Sad and emotional

The last thing you want are friends coming to you feeling sad and emotional.

All you want is a happy day to remember it until your eyes are close. Nobody likes to bring sorrow with them.

Afterall, we are all human being. We have emotional when unexpected incidents happen.

If you need help, just ask.

This might be the last time you ever want the person to help you before everything is too late.



The last goodbye

You will be missed by a lotĀ of everyone because you had helped them during your lifetime.

The merits you gain is something that not many can achieve.

Everyone have to accept the truth and hoping for the best.

Time is never enough and it is precious.

We can choose to be lazy and not doing anything, but we have to ask ourselves if it worth everything?

It takes a time to understand why we have to do all these. Everything has its own secret for us to decode it.

Remember, we must learn to treasure the time we have, and not feeling regret when there is not enough for us.