Why time is precious

The time is running out

It is counting down.

You know that you do not have much time left on this earth.

While there are many things that you want to do, you can only be selective.

Rushing against time is tiring, but you know that you are left with no choice.

Keep yourself busy because you do not want to feel sad and knowing what is next.

No one can tell you the answer about the afterlife. This is the path you have to walk on your own.

It is depressing but you do not want your beloved to feel sad as well.

Every day is like a ticking bomb because you have no idea when this bomb will trigger.

Even the timer had shown it to you, how accurate can that be?


Limited time

You have to stand firm and keep it positive. Nothing should hunt you down because this is the only way to prolong your time.

Life goes on despite the limited time you have.

Whether you can accomplish the things you have on your list, always accomplish the most important items.

You will not have many regrets afterwards.


Sad and emotional

The last thing you want are friends coming to you feeling sad and emotional.

All you want is a happy day to remember it until your eyes are close. Nobody likes to bring sorrow with them.

Afterall, we are all human being. We have emotional when unexpected incidents happen.

If you need help, just ask.

This might be the last time you ever want the person to help you before everything is too late.



The last goodbye

You will be missed by a lot of everyone because you had helped them during your lifetime.

The merits you gain is something that not many can achieve.

Everyone have to accept the truth and hoping for the best.

Time is never enough and it is precious.

We can choose to be lazy and not doing anything, but we have to ask ourselves if it worth everything?

It takes a time to understand why we have to do all these. Everything has its own secret for us to decode it.

Remember, we must learn to treasure the time we have, and not feeling regret when there is not enough for us.

Happy Chinese New  Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

The year of Rooster will bring a lot of good luck and fortune for everyone so long as you believe in it.does not get affected by what the Feng Shui Master said.

Do not get affected by the Feng Shui Master said if the year is not too smooth for you. Everyone will face it because there is 12 zodiac sign.

Say more auspicious wordings and enjoy the family times to bring good fortune.

May the more red packet you give, the more you receive.


Last but not least, may you huat huat huat!

Good fortune for everyone!

Thinking big

Most of you might have penned down your 2017 resolution, hoping that this resolution is not another junk you wrote in your mind and then forget about it.

Every single letter you wrote down on a piece of paper must be put into action. Without that, it is as good as wishful thinking that can never happen before.

I had done it for 3 years and even wrote on my personal blog before. Due to lack of discipline, this is just another bull shit of mine.

Thinking big

As I am growing older, I begin to have a serious thought. This is not a joke I want because it is something that should happen.

If I wanted to do well in my writing, for instance, I must keep on writing and read more books to improve my writing. There are so much to learn and write it well because writing is creativity. It must allow readers to understand what are you trying to say.

Besides writing, I am also a Forex trader. If I really wanted to trade well and be more profitable, I must study the chart well enough to talk to me. The technical chart must be so clear that I can see at one look. I also have to train my psychology because this one of the biggest reason why trader failed to be profitable. So long as I am optimistic and never give up, I know I will make it.

There goes the same thing for my music production. So long you never give up, nothing will stand in your way from succeeding. It is important that you know what is working right for you. I have my own belief, thus I do not want to give up at all.

Everything works like a spider web. The bigger the web it is, the better for you to network and get your work share among each other.

Whether what line you are in, it is important that our work must be known to others so that we can get connected in order to leverage our hard work.


Power of influence

We cannot escape the power influence because we can be easily swayed and agreed with other parties. That does not reflect well on us.

Sometimes it does not take a big effort to reject before more serious things may fall onto you.


This 2017, what is your cause, your make and your life?

What are the things that you want to view through?

While planning for your future, we must not forget to gain merits by helping others as well.


image credit: notable-quotes, assets.entrepreneur