What I learn from 2016

Good bye 2016

Today, 31st Dec, is the last day of 2016.

How has it been for you since Jan?

This 2016 had taken away a lot of great artists that we can ever imagine. Let’s not go through who they are because you can just Google yourself.

This does not end even at the last few days of 2016.

It seems like the other side of the world is getting crowded.


So how about you all?

Has it been well for you since the start of the year?

Everyone has it up and down in life.

So long we keep on moving on and stay positive, we will always find a way to solve the problem.


2016 test, has it been good?


I take this year as a test for me to try out as many things as possible because I found the joy and I do not want to regret it.

Whether the job is going to be big or small, I will hold the fort until I decided to give up.

There are only 3 things that I will never give up and I still trying my best to fight with it.

They are music, photo and trading.


After years of practising and understand inside out, I finally know how I should move ahead to be better.

Everything is all about focus and keeps practising.

If either one of your choices does not allow you to earn the money, just focus that bring in the money and keep on doing the other during your free time.

It is not difficult to understand that.

It is just hard to stay concentrated.


You have your dream

If you have a dream to pursue, why hold back and not do it?

Many thoughts start coming in your mind and there will be a lot of negative assumption pointing at you.

You must be brave and do it.

Even if it fail, always have a backup plan.

This can keep it going on until the day you decided to give up unless this word does not appear in your mind.


If this is the chance for you to be what you want, do it now in the year of 2017.

Plan everything first.


What I learn from 2016

I learn a lot from 2016, especially on my three things I had mentioned, but one of them that I wanted to bring it up is trading.

Trading can be hard and harsh.

Once you had been beaten by the psychology trade, it will take you very long to stand up once again.

But I am glad that I found my mentor to help me out throughout the years and I started to see things on my own and be slightly better than before.


I will definitely share more once I am profitable.


Since I am on the topic of 2016, I would like to talk about 2017.

I will produce more dance music, gain fame from photography and do well in trading.


I believe I can do it, it just takes times.

Have a good last day of 2016 and may 2017 shining on everyone.

No internet, not end of the world

Life without the internet is not like the end of the world.

We can call our friend and head out together, just like in the past.

Being back to dino world is not a bad thing at all. It only teaches us one thing to remember, be glad what you have.

Last week, Singapore had experienced a terrible internet shut down by the biggest Telco. Alright, it is mainly the internet that is affected, so on the good side, we still can communicate and check out information via 3G and 4G.

I saw a lot of people complaining on the Facebook as if their life is ruin!

I shall be fair.

I pity those who need the internet for business, but not those who need it for social media feed, gaming and surfing.

Why not everyone just leaves their computer aside and head down to town or park to meet up with friends? How long have that been?


For those who do not know and never had this feeling before, this is a good experience.

We, the generation of the 80s – 90s do not have the damn unlimited internet data you are using now.

There is a cap of data we can use per month and the charges are not cheap!

When the data max out, we chose to shut down the computer and contact each other via SMS or phone call.

For those who are richer, they have the luxury of owning the unlimited data per month.

Will no internet kill you?

No! Of course not!

Didn’t we sleep, eat or exercising without the usage of internet? Get used to it and stop been a walking head down walkers.


We can compensate the loss of usage today.

We must live the day happily and stop being a whiner who kept on complaining. It will not help and it will never solve the damn problem because there is nothing you can do to help revive the connection.

However, it is a good lesson for all.

Time to learn the life without the internet.

Get buddies around for a meetup, doing exercising and explore around. Do not just sit in front of the computer for gaming and social media feed. For those in business, it is tough. But life goes on, wait for connection and apologize, or seek help with temporary internet solution (Hi Card).

Maybe competitors should start thinking of this solution if either one faced the same situation again.

It is lucky that only one telco is affected and not the entire island.