For past few days, I had been thinking whether I should continue this blog.

And I made up my mind.

The answer is yes.


I would like to transform the way this blog is going to be.

It will be more of me instead of acting out as if I am one of those motivator speakers. Sorry, I am not, even though I wish I can.

It is hard to become one when you cannot act like one.


Screw it

I am not going to do and I want to be as natural as possible.

NO, I am not saying I am not fit to be one, but prefer a person who wants to be your friend instead.


I would like to share something in our life, karma, and return of merits.

This is not going to be a religious topic (though I might share a bit here and there), but it will be more personal touch.


I love listen to people, sharing their life story. If there is something I can do to help, I would love to – but within my own means.

So, there it is.


Check me out often and it will be great!


Have a good day ahead.