Passion voice

Hey! Do you know something had been trying to whisper in your ear but you simply ignore it unknowingly!

It is hard to hear this little voice because of its low volume. We live day by day and we did not know the existence until we sit down and think with deep thought.

This tiny little voice is trying to tell you to go for your passion and do not throw it away!

Aren’t we ashamed of ourselves when we are too busy earning money and working hard that we neglect our passion?


Happiness gets you moving

To me, passion is happiness.

It is the passion that gets us moving forward.

We wanted to do something that we love. If we are able to achieve it, we will be on cloud nine, and that is the sort of happiness I hope everyone will have. It will keep your stress free.

If you wanted to learn piano, go for it despite how old you are! You got to keep on practising playing it if you want to be good!

Of course, don’t expect yourself to play like a real professional pianist because of our finger flexibility.


I have a great interest in piano so I decided to learn it by myself and started step by step. I am not musically trained, but because I have passion towards music production, I eventually studied audio engineering course and self-taught on producing dance music!

Passion grow from our heart and mind. It is good if you started since young. When we grow older, we would want to pursue something we been missing out. It is not because we do not want it anymore, it is just that we are parking there for a time being until it is time to release the handbrake!


Passion test

I attended the passion test with a group of people before.

The test is straight forward and fun because we get to ask each other question after writing 15 things we wanted to do/ be in future. It is like setting what is your goal.

From the 15 lists, we will pick 2 of it and ask the partner to choose which one they prefer. Imagine you are torn by the 2 lists you wanted to do? You MUST give up one of them. From the final 5 you chose, you have to rank it which are the most priority.

And that will be your answer you wanted the most.


Is passion very strong?

Of course! If you do not have it, you will find it very hard to do well in future! Passion get you going and no matter how tough it is, you will be able to overcome it!

Passion get you going and no matter how tough it is, you will be able to overcome it! Because of the love towards the thing you like, you will feel contented if it is been solved or completed.

It is important you have your own passion, so do not let anyone thrash it down because they think differently from you. Always have positive peers to receive better energy!

Start today, find out what is your passion!