Have you been in the situation that you are the pressure cooker that wanted to release the steam?

The pressure stress is so huge that it can explode anytime of the day.  Was it right to release it?

In my previous post, I had mentioned about the negativity and it is hard to hold on your positivity even when things are not getting your way.

I am embarrassed. I had recently blown my top due to some pressured I am facing.

Instead of putting on my smile, I frowned the entire day because I needed to be alone and rethink what is it going on wrong with my method. I am psychology burned, it is so hard to breathe properly because my mind is filled with anger that I felt giddy! Was it high blood?



When something isn’t going on right, I burst my mood and started scolding people. I was shocked at my reaction.

Should that even happen that way?

Of course not. If I am clear minded, strong with my mind, I should not be behaving this way. Because I am self-blaming.

If I am clear minded, strong with my mind, I should not be behaving this way. This is all because I am self-blaming for all the wrong things and pressure I am facing right now.

It is almost brain-dead.

Knowing that it is my own fault, why would other people share my sorrow? No one will never know that feeling ever as I had mentioned before. So it is important that we stand up and try it again despite many failures.

It does not hurt you if you intend to scold people again. It only hurt when you started pushing the blame to other people where you are denying the fact you are actually in the wrong! This is so shameful.

Instead of having a good day together, I had created a bad and gloomy day. Does everyone feel fine and act as if nothing happened?

All I want to say is : “Do you think they care?”


I picked up a book and start reading and the same old thing is reflecting at me again. Anger and pressure cooker.

I do not want to follow that route. I just want to be a happy person who is worry free even though it can be tough.

Only positivity will attract good energy, and that means luck as well.

Being a person who always frown, angry, jealous and blaming, I think luck will take a U-turn when they see your negativity energy face.


Letting go everything

Just like I had said regarding the pressure cooker. I literally let go everything, and it is wrong to do that. So how can we remain calm in that situation? Unless you are the deity , who can let go everything in your mind.

We can’t be emotionless because we are a human being who are filled with affection and emotion. We response to happy and sadness that happen around us.

We feel sorrow if someone we knew met a mishap or serious stuff that had happened in this world.

But we have to learn to let go and move forward.

Whatever had been broken cannot be fix, all we can do is to ensure that the crack will not go further. We must give a helping hand to one another who needed each other.


Helping hand

Start by listening to music and do something you like and pre-warn others that you are not in the mood.

Go do something that you like – playing games , watching TV or reading a book.

Just be alone.

People who know your style should shun away or console if something is not right. If not, get prepared to get triggered by the negative bomb.

Your family is innocent, so try to endure the anger if possible even though it is comfortable if you let go everything. Something will happen later on if you disregard this piece of advice.

Always find a listening ear who can talk to you. It can be your email pal, friend or some forum that may help you a lot if you are meeting some cross road. A geniune positive help is always beneficial for both parties because they can learn from each other either way! It look good if it is from different country because that’s the challenge! Always dare to accept it!

Of course, I am more than happy to listen to you if you needed to.