It is so tough. I do not think I can do it. Besides, how about I give up now? I do not wish to spend my time further when I have no idea what is the outcome going to be.

Here we go again.

We are surrounded by people who are a lack of confidence and decided to give up now because they are afraid that they will get hurt more.

But they do not know that good things are waiting for them if they hang on longer.


It is tired and in pain, really.

I know that very well because I am one of them too before.

When you meet a crossroad, all you have to do is to sit down and think which route will be better.

Lay everything out in front of you and do your own analysis.

Even if it failed, at least tell yourself that you had tried it before. Live with no regrets. There is nothing to feel sore when you have no confidence at all.


Lack of confidence feel like a loser

No one is born to be a loser, only if you do not try it and give up easily.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are in the same category as you as well.

But you have to understand that nobody is going to care or bother how bad shape you are in. Even if you doing self-pity will not help. Friends will shun away immediately because you are producing negativity energy.

Ask yourself, approach or walk away if your friend is so depressing? If you have a big heart, you will sit down and talk it out with your friend and help within your own means.

Remember this, there is always someone around helping when you are feeling really down. Hence the reason we have social volunteers helping one another.



Nothing is impossible.

Every possibility lies on our hand. Whether you want to make or do it rely on you.

No one can force you doing something you hate. It is your own choice to choose.

You cannot blame someone blindly when you choose wrongly. It acts as if you are not at fault.


Accepting suggestion is a good start

Learn to take suggestion light hearted because not all of them are suitable for you because everyone mentality is different.

One apple cannot fit in all type of container. Do not force it in as it will result in the apple to be crushed, this is how your confidence level drop as if you are jumping out of the plane.

Everyone meant well, want you to be brave and stand firm. If you cannot listen to it, walk away and cool down yourself.

End of the day, you still have to face it and deal with it. Running will never solve the problem, it will only accumulate more trouble.



Once you had walked out of that dark shadow. Nothing will get into your mind, especially the negative energy.

Slap it away, pal! That energy should disperse into thin air and never come back to you.

Learn to smile every day and to everyone.

It is important people see you happily.

Have fun and a good ay!