Are you one of those who love to day dream that you want to own a lot of things? It can range from the smallest item from a box of colorful pencils to the high range value like owning an exotic cars or luxury home?

Fret not, you are not alone. In fact, there are people who have this thinking before and they are not ashame to share.

When you have this thought in your mind, do you feel the happiness in your mind that you feel like you are on top of the world?

Live and act like one even though you may not own them. It is not a crime to think that way. Call me silly if it please you. So long as I feel happy in my mind, why not? But can I make it into my personal gain?


If you really want to own either of those, you know what you have to do. Work hard, and extra harder than anyone else. But do not neglect your health and make those happiness into saddness feeling because you asked for it.

All of us have a dream and we constantly fighting for it.

We must not feel envy or jealous because we have no time for that. Either you carry on being happy in dream or you go for it. These are the two choices you can take. Unless you want to be grougy every day. How sad!


The more we think of it, the happier we are.

Hence I call it the magic numbers.

Magic numbers always appear in our mind and we are surrounded by them always. Remember what I had said, owning a lot of things.

The more money I have, the more items I can buy. Money is number in currency.

More plugins I have in my music software, I can do wonders. Plugins are number in quantities.

More trades I invested, more money I have in my account. Trading quantities are number in account.

More blog I write, I can attract more traffics. Blog traffics are number in visitors.

You see, we cannot escape the numbers.

In sport, the lesser timing you get, the faster you are. It is also numbers.

Monk live simplicity and they love to help. But they also cannot escape the fact that the more people they help, the greater the number it is going to be.


Numbers can be weighted as in value.

The value can be monetary or merits. So long as you are happy doing it without causing any harms, I am sure that everyone will be contented in their life.

Right now, my direction is to weight my number in merits by helping more people within my means. In personal gain, I would like to push my number by producing more musics and my photo audio video.

I would like to transform it from dreaming to reality. I am sure you will do it too!