The dream for us

Tony (fictional character) work very hard to get to where he is now. He is living in a luxury home, driving the latest fancy car which a lot of people are so envied (jealous) of.  But he does not put on the air to show that he is some rich jerk.


That is like a dream for us and all we can do is to complain and comment about his lifestyle.

There are people who hope he will fail and go back to his toughest day because they felt unbalanced.


We have friends who worked very hard as well. Though they are not a boss of their own, but they are in the higher management drawing the good sum of money every month.

Again, there are people who also hope that they will fail.

There are too many narrow-minded people who wanted success people to fail. It seems like they are not allowed to be where they are and only they can be succeeded. It seems like “what comes around, goes around”. It is a cycle that cannot be a break.


Putting effort to hold

It is easy to cycle down the slope than to cycle up to the top you wanted.

Every energy, strength and sweats you put in, allow you to get nearer the goal. The satisfaction is so hard to describe because you will be jumping with joy.

It is not easy to cycle up the slope easily. So long as you keep fighting on and push your every single step, you will get there in no time. (It does not matter if you are taking your own sweet time)

So long as you keep fighting on and push your every single step, you will get there in no time.

It is important not to give up.


When you are at the peak of business or fame, remember to listen to advises and don’t act like a hooligan and do whatever you think it is fine. There are too many pictures to see in a big frame.

There are series of concern to take care of as not to form a chain reaction that might pull down what you had just built through your hard work.

But, who will be the people in fame when they are not in business?

E.g. Youtuber, artists, producer, singer, blogger, photographer etc… There are so many of them that you can ever imagine. Every job has its own fame.

Hold up your reputation so that you can earn the respect from fellow fans.


Stay humble

I had seen people raising to the top and got hurt badly while cycling down the slope too fast because they are over confident about where they are now.

They have forgotten how they went through and treat others like garbage as if they are at the top of the world putting on airs. In no time, you will lose a lot of respect and you be falling down quickly until no one will bother about you anymore.

If you want to be like Tony, it is important to stay humble so that you will reduce the number of haters. There is no way to prevent people saying you, or wanted you to go down to dirt. But there are ways to allow people to like you instead.


Everyone wants to succeed in life.

One must learn to help one another.

Stay positive, focus and humble.