When my mobile data burst, it had brought me back to the past when there is no data on our phone, not even GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). All we had is just a pager, during that time we were crazy over numeric forming as letters to alphanumeric and to voicemail messages.

There isn’t a time or way where we can get the latest news on mobile, let alone the hype on Pokemon Go now.

Since I am unable to switch on my data due to my own negligence by watching YouTube using my mobile internet rather than WiFi while at home, I have to limit myself and save for the remaining of 200mb for the emergency usage. I have 2 weeks left for the new month to start for my data plan to revert back to 3Gb usage.



Without the internet on mobile, do I feel lost and insecure because I simply cannot get the latest updates from social media, news and etc.

I move around freely with my head looking straight rather than tilting down like I am one of those walking dead. *chuckles*

It allows me to look at my surrounding clearer than before because my focus is not on the phone most of the time.

Was it a good thing?


Don’t you think it is good to be disconnected from the internet once a while? Let’s not talk about the period when you are working or doing something serious till we forgotten to check the phone.

What I meant was the time when we head out together until the time when we are home. The only time to have the connection is via home or the place where free WiFi is available. Nothing else. It looks like I can go out without my phone at all.


Love to observe people

I love to observe people. That had been in me for the longest time ever. What they do, react, talk or behave got me interested.

I happened to witness a commotion of the coffee shop lady boss almost wanted to pick a fight with the officers while I was queuing up for food. If I didn’t continue to see the aftermath, I thought the lady boss is just being difficult to the officials. Apparently, she was trying to explain further in details with her loud voice.

Meanwhile, I also discover another food stall which I never patronise selling one of my favourite food!

If I continue to be like a ‘walker’ (just a joke), I will think the lady boss is a bitch and never know that the food stall selling my yummy food.


Stay connected with our family members

How many of us will stand still observe people without doing anything at all? Perhaps old people who do not intend to have any internet until they are home with WiFi.

No doubt we must stay connected to the internet because of workload and update the social media feed if you are an influencer or etc… But it is good to get disconnected during a weekend and stay connected with our family members and friends.

These are the times where we do not require the internet to get closer to each other.

Truthfully, I feel more comfortable without looking at my mobile regularly. When my mobile data burst, I do not panic but made do what I had missed usually? Of course, the only connection I have is SMS and calling on phone.