Morning does not seem the same

This is an unusual morning. The sky is dark grey, the fog started to draw in and every minute looking out from the window, the visibility is getting shorter and shorter.

The usual routine had changed and you started to get worried.

What happened if you kick on the rock which you had been avoiding it for years?

You know there is a slope along the pathway, but will this fog lead you to death by falling down?

Despite the change of weather and lots of concern in mind, you still have to go out and get the marketing done.

The journey is very long. It will take nearly 30min to get to the marketplace by walking, and 10 min by car.

This is an extremely dangerous situation and you cannot afford to fall off down with the car because of the thick fog.



No one can guarantee

Safety comes first.

In your mind, the choice appears: Either wait for the fog to clear off first, or go forward with it but extremely careful with every step you take.

No one can guarantee the safety except yourself. To risk or not to is in your own hand.

If you are able to see a partial of the route in front with the dim light, it means you have confident to walk forward.


Cross road in life

This type of scenario is just like we having a mid-life crisis. Whether we are going to change a new environment or staying on to be comfortable, no one but yourself knows the answer.

The initial thought in your best answer. (You got to find times to recall that very moment)

There are a lot of cons and pros, balance and benefits that we should look at. But, are these the main reasons?

Eventually, it is still in our mind. Do we love what we are doing?

We often heard people complaining what they are doing, but they do not take an action at all – changing a job or do something they prefer. But they still bite on and carry on with their displeasure.

Instead of seeing them happily, they are constantly grumbling of life.



Our friends will often advise not to go for passion because there are so many negative points.

Passion made us wanted to do more and stay very focused; one of my friend whom I just did the photo shoot told me the same thing.

Without passion, it can’t bring what you are and what you love dearly.

Do not slog through your work for something that you really dislike.

If you are unable to do so, always consider as a hobby that keeps you moving until the day arrive.

I did a PassionTest before and I am glad that I know what I want to do and did not have any regret in my life. All good things wil come later.


There is a will, there is a way

If you do not wish walk through the dark and foggy area, then no one can guide you what to do. Your wish is to be comfortable, so don’t keep having negative thoughts on why you are still in this line and not something you prefer.

If there is a will, there is a way.

By not moving forwards does not mean you are wrong.

In fact, there are neither a right nor wrong decision. The only bad mistake will be regret.

Whatever the choice you had made, do not feel regret.

Instead of having 2nd thoughts or regretted your decision, why not put your full effort and do it better?

Despite numerous failure, one day you will make it.

All you need is support from your loved ones, not the friends who often pull you down.


Image credit: ThePassionTest