I had been wanted to pen down some thought that is running through my mind.

It took quite a while, so now, I decided to start it about colourful mood.



I would like to share something about the two friends that we have – mood.

It seems ridiculous, is that mood is our friend? They are not even something that we can see!

But hey, we can feel and get it behave the way we wanted it to be.

If you are the sensitive type, you will get mood swing easily – just like clicking on the remote control and it changed suddenly.



Yes, we have people behave that way and it is horrifying! How on earth do I know that I trigger he or her wrongly? As if we accidentally step on their tail! And that is invisible one.

The good mood had just turned the atmosphere to be very tense and DEAD silent. You can even feel your heart beating drumming in your ear.


Hold on their pride

It is tough to remain calm after a quarrel session with someone else. Friends, family or even loved ones. That is going to be bad, really lousy.

No one wanted to step back and hold on their pride very high.

The start of the quarrel can be a spark from a small problem to a big issue and that relate one after another. That’s when we turned agitated and our mood is getting lousier and feel angry at everyone.

Our mood tends to create an aura that may make other people feel that this is not a good time to create a joke. Unless your friend is like a stone that has no idea what is going on. Sometimes I just do not know whether this is going to be good or bad. But if the person managed to get everyone laugh off, it is a good one!


Being benevolent

Once the black angry mood entered our mind, you felt as if the world is against you. You are going to scold the person whoever start talking to you and nothing will make sense at all.

This may go on for days if you do not wish to see through everything.

If you are benevolent, let go and do not allow the bad mood conquer you for days. There are people prefer holding their anger for years! That’s how bad the situation can become if neither one of them want to let it go. Is life going to be a happy or just sadist?


A big heart

Controlling our mood can be as simple as ABC and as complicated as any other thing.

It is either we put down everything, forgive and forget, or hold the anger through the day and everyone will suffer together.

Even with a small problem can easily trigger a person mood badly. It takes such a big heart and strong mind to let go everything and this is not going be easy.


Life goes on

Imagine someone had accidentally messed up your project and nothing can be done because it is already over. It is plain disgusting because the project supposed to be running smoothly.

Typically, we will be screaming and cursing non-stop because the project had failed terribly. You know you get reprimanded for sure as there is nowhere to hide it. You just got to face the fact.

You are in the sad mood rather than feeling angry. You just got to think it over how to make it better for the next opportunity. It is better than getting yourself in the sad mood for the entire day where you loved ones will be affected too.

This is being optimistic. It is not as if the world had just ended, life still goes on.


Show it happily

When you go to an event, do you prefer to listen to happy and lovely music or the sad and sorrow type during a wedding? It is horrible to think that way, but it is true!

No matter what we do or share, we just got to show it happily. That make our life bright and floating. Let all the black thought fly away and invite the colourful thoughts in our mind. That is fantastic, isn’t it?

No matter what happen, let’s all hold our hand and pray to each other and be positive and remain happy mood so that good luck will always be with us.