Morning person

Are you a morning person?

A little rest will not kill you but spending your rest day by sleeping is not going to be very efficient.

Are you a morning person that love it so much that you want to get up before sunrise? The air is fresh and it is cooling.

Looking into the sky, you noticed the sun is rising! The beautiful image just appears right before your eyes. The orange light that was slightly covered by the blue cloud and sky look as if it is trying to say hello to you. Smile, my friend.


So how are you going to spend your day wisely on a weekend?

Despite working so hard for the whole week, no doubt it is great to tuck yourself in the bed and keep on snoozing until you feel the heat is burning on your bum, or you prefer to do something that you want to complete for the day?


Sleep, sleep, sleep… are you sure?

It is not hard to plan your day wisely unless your body want to rest badly. It means – sleep all day long and literally lying everywhere you can find in the house. Just like a big walrus and do not intend to move at all.

Time is now late noon when you realised that something is not right.

Oh no! What you have done for the day?! All the task that you want to do had gone to waste because you want to rest badly! What are you going to do?

Punish yourself? Cry? Blaming non-stop? Or continue resting like nothing had happened.

You have a choice to make it work right. Just do it then, complete the task now if you can. No more grumbling or crying over spilt milk. Nothing is going to change, the time will only move forward and not backwards.

Are you going to feel accomplished when the day had ended?

I bet you do.


Lying down is so wonderful

Excuses are not your answer

Just by lazing around, it only helps to make you lazier. We cannot sleep all day long because we will get more tired.

If you feel like doing exercise for the day, just do it, as like Nike slogan had always said so.

Do not find excuses because you want to be healthier and get into fitness and kill the lazy thoughts in your mind.

Always think of your motivation answer.

What is the end result are you getting and why?

The only time for you to rest the whole day and not doing anything will be the day you are falling sick and too weak to do anything. That is a good time for you to dream whole day with someone taking care of you.


Forget your rest, your kids will not allow

If you are a father, then you can totally forget about sleeping the whole day because the kids will be jumping on the bed and asking you to bring them out and play.

Those are the times you do not want to miss at all because you will not get those moment back when they are older.

Treat every moment happy and use it wisely.

Whether you going to do blogging, fix up your toys, producing music, doing art, watching movies with family ¬†etc… Do not over think or wait for it to happen.

Get on your feet right now and kick the lazy angel away. It is not helpful at all.


Happy from start till end

Do you spend your time wisely or just sleep the whole day? Do you feel any accomplishment for the day?

It is not hard to get your sleepy and lazy thought away because it is all in your mind to fight it out.

Always start and end the day happily. It is important to stay happy and be positive.