Who should we blame?

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We believe that we want someone to guide us when we are facing some difficulties in a decision.

When the guidance is wrong, we blame on the person who gave the suggestion, not ourselves who chose on our own.


It can be as simple as what should we eat later on to the most sensitive area – investing.

Who do not love suggestion?

Ultimately, we all love people who give a suggestion because sometimes we are just being lazy to think hard. And it is also easy to point a finger at someone else if anything goes south.

Easy does that, huh?


What happened if it involves with money?

If you have no idea which stock or forex pairs to buy, just shun away. Do not learn to take other people suggestions and follow suit. Because everyone have their own method, and it may not cater to everyone hunger.

Instead of seeing profits, you are losing money because you chose to follow instead of doing your own analysis. But you blame yourself for following when you know you are on the right track!

That means you are lacking confident.


Decision making is important

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Do not let other people distract you unless you want to follow it.

If you want to succeed in life and your business, learn to take decision instead of taking other people advises and follow blindly.

The keyword is followed blindly because there are always good advises you can listen. But make sure you do your homework before deciding.


When we take the suggestion and decided to proceed with it, we must learn to accept the wrong decision even though you analysed correctly. There is no perfect in this world, so we must learn to accept some pain in life.

Life is a piece of chocolate, as the famous quote had said.

But there are always sweet and the bitter type, if you can start to love the latter, it means you had surpassed that level of pain. “I will make back later.”

One must not learn to dwell over the past. We should look forward to the greater good in future.


Faith lies on our hand, choose to listen and analyse or choose to follow blindly which is the easier way out.

We all have a choice to make but with a wise decision.


Failure is a lesson to learn

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All of us want to be successful and love the easy way out. The simpler, the better.

If you are a boss of your own, take as many pointers as possible. Because there are some pointers that may not suit you well.

But no one can guarantee that it will be successful, it is the risk you have to take.

Sometimes, you just have to fail to understand structure because experience counts,


If anyone can survive without a failure, it means that the person is either being spoon fed or just blindly follow orders. He or she will never understand the meaning of failure to gain experience.

Failure can be big or small, now or later.

Even Warren Buffet have his failure when acquiring companies that he is eyeing on. All of us are not the god or fortune teller.

Whether you are self-employed, a blogger, a DJ, musician, trader, designer, singer etc, do not cry over spilt milk when you are having crossroad in life.

Rather than self pity yourselves, failure will make you even stronger.