Be willing to forgive

It is a lie that we can forgive a person so easily.

It is a lie that we can forget the incident that happened after we forgive.

It is not a lie that someone can forgive and forget.


All of us were young before, love playing a prank on friends and also got into fights so easy.

When someone is injured, we often apologise immediately to prevent further unhappiness, but does the victim feel happy about it?

No, they will not. Who will feel happy after an injury or being hurt?


Forgiving a person

I recalled the day I was being punched in the left face because of my sudden action when my fingernail caused my friend being scratched deeply from his eyebrow till his cheek.

I do not remember how does that incident happen, little tiny memory tells me that I was playing around.

When the painful burning long sensation happened, he cannot take control and punched me in the face 3 times without telling me what’s going on.

Oh man, I still remember how hurtful the punch was. It caused my jaw to be misaligned. I found out only when I attempt to open my mouth bigger.

I hold no grudges because I am the one who cause that incident to happen. And I did apologise after I found out the reason. But he did not forgive as what I have remembered.


A person who is hurt and not willing to accept the forgiveness is understandable.

It takes a lot of courage for a person to forgive the person who started it.


This is just a simply small incident. What about those met the life and death situation?

I remembered reading a newspaper that the victim family willing forgive driver because fault does not lie with him. And there is nothing they can do to bring their son back alive.

It totally stunned me.

This family heart is magnificent.

They can think further what we normally do. Rather than living with despair, why not live happily?

We just want peace in life.


We do not teach people to forgive because it will be an act against their wish and in order to do that, you have to see through the life and open up your heart.

If you are naturally a good-hearted person, it will not be difficult, unless you have gone through years of changing about your thought, e.g. studying of religious or mediation.

Whether it is easy or difficult to achieve, it all depend on yourself.


Just as I told my daughter previously, saying sorry is so easy. But, one of the most difficult word to say it out is “I forgive you





Keep your mind empty

I had been thinking how should phrase this article properly and decided to give a little short story.

Two competitors are placed in the jungle setting off at the exact time given, but they do not have a time limitation to get out of the place.

The fittest will survive.


Source: photorator


The character of the two survivors is different.

One follows strict rules on how many hours he should be on foot, rest and sleep.

While another guy will try to move as fast as possible despite the lack of sleep. The reason why he is so confident is because of the hint – *just go straight, but do not get lost*


So who is the first to reach?

If you are thinking the second guy, then you are wrong. The answer should be survivor 1.


It is pure easy. Though the hint is given to him, how can anyone confirm it is true? Was he just a follower regardless of anything?

Even if it is true, are you sure you will not walk off the grid because you are extremely tired while trying to chase till the end without resting?


Survivor 1 took his time to plan and have ample rest to ensure that he is within the grid and also looking out for the river which may lead him out of the jungle. He also learns to look at the star to guide him out as well. There are many ways, just don’t follow one hint and you get yourself into trouble.

Do not be like a rabbit who is so arrogant that it will win over the tortoise.


Coming to reality.

How can you be confident or independent if someone was to keep on advising you? Will you be able to stand on your own by doing everything by yourself?

Every step requires proper plan. If there is none, plan according to your way. Having proper rest is a must because it will help to build up our strength and focus better in the long run.

By moving ahead without a plan is as good as losing your entire army to your enemy. A clean wipe out.



Whenever we are busy with work and had no idea which one to do first because all of them are equally important and having the same deadline, why not close your eyes and keep your mind empty for that 5min.

By having your mind go empty without any wild thoughts, it will tell you the answer the moment you open up your eyes. Do that project and you will slowly get hands on it.

All of us want to do best for our work and impress the superior. However, that does not mean you can forget about your family and health.


Take a step behind and plan well for your work and family.

No matter how busy a person is, always make time to rest. All of us have 24hrs a day equally, no one have more or less. It is how you plan it well so that you can get out of the jungle effortlessly.