It took me quite a while to think about this topic and I had erased at least thrice when I was about to finish off the article.

I find it hard to end the article without any substance because it does not seem right to me.

I am not an author, but I love to share things that I think is right, hence I wanted to share about Greener than the other side.


When we look at the field, do we feel that the other field is really greener?

Have we tried to walk on the other field while we are here complaining nonstop about the field we are standing now?

Look, this is not about the field but our life.


I love to complain in the past because life is unfair. Why do people get all the good things while I don’t?

Why do all my friends earning a lot than I do? I think a lot about this question in my mind for many times.

While I am complaining about these, there are people who are envy about me!

Is that weird?

Why does someone envy me for being penniless? I smiled and shook my head.


It turned out this way – time and being as own boss wins it all.

What I earned from the client is 100% profit, all that I need to do is to keep on following up the project and make sure there is enquiry from another potential client

I love my work for being flexible and happy.


You see, happy is something that cannot be bought. No amount of money can buy you happiness.

My friends used to complain about their work and how harsh their bosses treat them. After a talk with my friend, we must also understand why does the boss behave this way. If he does not put pressure on the team, nobody will be able to finish by the deadline.

Imagine the project was screwed up? Do you think that the client will want to find your boss again for more project? Employee cares more on their bonus and salary than what the boss is going through. It takes times for them to understand well.

Hard work will pay off everything.


While my friend envies me for having my own freedom, I told him that I envy you for being stress-free from finance because you get your pay every month without fail.

This is the life that we have to accept it.

Although I envy my friend, I had already stopped complaining about the route I had taken because I chose it myself.

While my friend, sometimes he still complained about it.


We must learn to understand and continue to encourage each other instead of joining the crowd and add to fire about the negative remarks about your company or project. There is nothing to gain for either of you.

The green is always the same, it depend on how we should see it in life.

So long as you are happy with what you are doing, everything is as clear as it is.


Image credit: fwallpapers