When we are in the desperate stage, we cannot see what is in front of us because it is hazy and the visibility is very poor.

Imagine you are standing on the beach looking far ahead and the boats are far away from you and it is smaller than your fingertip when you try to align them at the sea level.

As the distance is too far away, you cannot see who are on the boat, so you decided to take out your binocular and take a quick peep.

But you realised that you do not have the equipment by your side and you missed that chance to see which is the boat you are eyeing on. Suddenly there are a couple of boats at the same level.

You are shocked and started to scratch your head wondering why are you looking at the boats when you have no intention of doing at first. Is it because you are just following what the others are doing? Where is your focus point?


This is us, we are unaware what we are doing sometimes.


Blame on our vision


It is either we stay out on the comfortable beach enjoying the breeze while drinking your favorite orange juice on the beach chair, or you set sail and move forward to see what is in the boat.

The current is too strong.

Gust of wind blew you backward to the shore instead of moving forward.

Rather than setting your sail, you intend to row the boat forward hard, using all your strength to push on.

Your arms are sore and tired because of the amount of effort.

At that point of time, it is either you make it or you don’t. Go back to the original position where you can enjoy sitting on the beach enjoying the orange juice, or sit on the boat and let the wind blow you anywhere with no direction, or moving forward to reach the boat.


This is a decision

Most of us wanted to put a stop on it because of the storm. Uncertainty to carry on, there are thoughts that the boat might be smashed into pieces because of the strong current.

The current might go beyond your head and slam you down into the sea. Don’t worry, you will not drown at this stage.

You might be swept far away, or back to the beach where you set off. Again, you looking for a boat to set sail while your friends are all laughing at you.

They teased non-stop because they know it is not going to work and it will take days to reach the tiny boat. It is best to sit down and relax.

Even if you reached, you will be disappointed. The outlook of the boat is just too normal to comment with – nothing fanciful.

There is nothing excited to push yourself because it is so tired and to all of them, they felt that it is a waste of their time.


We do have such friends, don’t we?

Everywhere we go, meet and talk, there are friends who love to talk you down. They do not share the same vision as you do. Hence, they can never understand what are you talking about.

Is it a dream or a reality?

Many of your friends prefer a stable and comfortable work because they want security and less stress on the monetary part. Or, only the minority, they simply love the job so much that it is hard for them to leave.

Therefore, we cannot blame them for staying put although they will be making noises after noises how bad their superior are.

Nothing beats loving the job, but it can be so annoying if you meet a bad superior.

If this is the life they prefer, we should respect their wish.


But for your side, if you chose to venture on your own, you must shoulder the bad weather while on the sea. By the time you went through all the struggling, you will not notice that you have already reached your goal/ the destination.

So how about the boat in the sea?

Even though the boat is ugly and filthy by the look outside, it is actually luxurious internally.

It is something that you never thought of. The idea is to get on the boat and check it out and use the boat to travel even further. It is astonishing. You are filled with all the things you needed for, and there is nothing to complain about.

Upon looking back at your friends, they are still enjoying what they are now and felt a little jealous because of the things you own now.

You bid goodbye and set sail to somewhere further happily.


Get yourself focus and try a little harder, you be rewarded eventually.


If you are struggling still, do not worry. You will be just fine.

Do not say give up unless you wanted to, it is inevitable that anyone will have the idea “I am so tired to carry on”. This is the truth and it will always happen. You just got to move on and clear the blurry image yourself.

The only way not to give up is to get yourself involved with other things that are fulfilling so that you will not feel burnt out during the process.

Always be positive and stay strong.


Image credit: encrypted-tbn0.gstatic , wanderlouise